1. 5 of his last 6 were "off nights", only one that wasn't was Costa

  2. The costa fight was definitely a snoozer too. Costa just gave up due to being hungover

  3. I created a file called script.sh with the following contents, following the install instructions:

  4. Yes I meant DPIXELINK_LINUX but I didn't wanna confuse people and make them ask wth is DPIXELINK.

  5. No, in another comment you said you used the Ubuntu 18.0.4 ARMv7. Virtually every desktops/laptops are x86, so you probably want the PC (x86 64-bit) download. PC doesnt mean windows.

  6. The Single Board Computer I'm using is ARM v7 32 bits, so I downloaded that version

  7. Do you remember any of the other names over the years, all I can remember is “sea-level Cain“, “motivated BJ Penn”, “trt Vitor” and “full camp mendes”….are there any others

  8. They should bring back the S cycles honestly, they’re going to reach the 20s in no time and iPhone 23 doesn’t sound nice at all

  9. Give it another try bro, practice the jumps slowly and I assure you that in some days your fingers will start to simply land on the correct keys. I'm only 1 month into playing keyboard and it's working for me, though one thing I still can't get right in this piece is the dynamics, playing the left hand softer than the right

  10. Nice to see another beginner here. What was the first piece you played?

  11. It is NOT a beginner piece for sure, but there are several highly simplified score that sounds really good and are indeed beginner level.

  12. I'm not watching Volk vs Emmett. Who cares about that slaughter. Emmett's last win was a coinflip that he lucked out on. He needs to fight the winner of Yair Ortega first.

  13. Bro Israel Nurmagomedov is gonna look so funny in the next title defense 😭

  14. This sub worships Angela "I'm gonna die on that split decision" Hill

  15. Not sure if he can beat Charles or Islam to be honest. I don't think he has faced a grappler with good takedowns since Gigachad Mendez.

  16. He beats Oliveira. Idk about Islam's ceiling though. I still need to see if he's the real deal and then make up my mind.

  17. Apple's implementation of Face ID is dogshit. I'd give it like 5 more years before they catch up with the market and their FaceID becomes useable.

  18. Am I tripping or are people underestimating Max in this fight? I still think Volk is going to decision Max but people are giving Max no shot. Saying shit like Volk is going to finish him even though Volk has not even remotely been close to finishing Max in either of their fights.

  19. Volk has been going for finishes recently. I don't think Max goes 5 rounds this time.

  20. Hot, tall, sexy, nice, funny, fun. He and Grischuk are impossible to dislike

  21. My guildies are 3k m+ score but cannot kill rygelon. Hope restored!

  22. What's the relation between the 2? You can be 5000 Rio but suck ass at raids, and vice versa

  23. The austin retards are flooding LSF from what I can see. Fuck outta here u scum fuck

  24. Strickland single-handedly carrying this boring ass press conference. The way he humbled Izzy 😭

  25. Why was max being a dick during the presser, weird to see

  26. I think he knows he will get knocked out this time, so he's trying to maintain some relevance by being a douchebag, because it works, looking at Conor.

  27. Duda out for Grischuk, Firouzja out for Mamedyarov, Ding for Karjakin (obv)

  28. Prime Aldo was truly terrifying and is definitely a GOAT contender. He was shat on by the UFC after losing to McGregor, he deserved a rematch and had lost his way a bit after that.

  29. Why did he deserve a rematch? Conor completely fodderized him and showed that there are levels to this game. The only person who can challenge FW Conor is Alex.

  30. Both are cans. Don't care about either. Conor is a can now too. It's just that he's probably the second best FW of all time. I don't know why people forget how monstrous this guy was at FW.

  31. Can explain Nymn? me watch first yesterday (always clips) and 80% forsen. All streams? Anything but other streamer?

  32. Seems like good news. Does anyone know what this game was like? 100 new WoW employees sounds like a lot

  33. Garbage game with a cool idea, where you can combine different elements to create new elements, like Avatar. Dogshit game in every aspect though

  34. If Nepo can control his nerves and improve his attention to detail, he will be clear 2nd in the world likely. I don't think Magnus can afford to not take him seriously. You should never underestimate your opponents. At this level, people are constantly working to improve.

  35. He's already the clear second though. Nobody but Magnus is better than him

  36. MagSafe is a phone feature. It doesn’t require a case, only MagSafe compatible peripherals (like chargers or wallets). It is literally just an aligned magnet that keeps stuff connected to the phone, or the phone connected to a thing, like a car phone holder.

  37. So does the phone not end up sticking to random shit?

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