1. I marked Dehya cause I think it is more funny and recommended to pull for those u like more than utility. By the other side, she probably gonna be buffed: trust the capitalist's greed, they are not going to loose money.

  2. If that were the case, wouldn’t they buff all the lowest-selling characters?

  3. Dehya’s artifact is gonna somehow make her stronger than hu Tao. 🙃

  4. Ill take it as a compliment. NGL I already set my eyes on her during the dataminer leaks, you bet my ass im gonna pull her, but i need to snatch C2 Yelan very quick before that tho,

  5. They probably have 2 account since they mentioned different amount of wishes

  6. All it says is let children express who they are and he’s like “nah that’s false.”

  7. My plan was always to pull for Homa (and maybe Simulacra) and then go for Dehya with what I have left. So same plan except I’m probably skipping her unless she somehow feels amazing to use in the test run and I just can’t live without her.

  8. I really want the world difficulty to have me use all my characters' skills and burst just to kill a single hilichurl.

  9. People here asking for exploration to be as tedious as abyss.

  10. Kokomi is already a top tier co-op character but she’s also useful normally. Would they really intentionally make a character that’s only useful in co-op?

  11. I remember long time ago a very similar post like this about kokomi, that she will be useful just on co-op..., Was on her beta, very similar to thia post.

  12. It would be nice if we’re wrong this time, too. But seriously what the hell is Dehya good for in a normal team?

  13. The tax code is generous to people with children. If you think you're getting shafted, try being unmarried with no kids. Sheesh. As another poster said, people with children got a fairly large credit handout for COVID over and above what everyone else got.

  14. Try being single and self-employed. You pay double the taxes. This country doesn’t like people to not be chained to a corporation.

  15. I’m looking forward to my devices not working with Netflix because I unsubscribed for a few months lol

  16. So he made a guide without actually knowing what she does?

  17. It's funny that you want to hate on him so bad you just made up an uncharitable scenario in your head and then moved forward as if it was reality

  18. I don’t know anything about him. I don’t have any reason to want to hate him. But it’s strange to make a video about a character and then have to be corrected in the comments.

  19. I think the last triple mango was before I started 36-starting abyss and now I’m scared. 😰

  20. So I assume they'll also be arresting women wearing pants? Since, you know, those are boy clothes /s

  21. Definitely staying far away from any red states and think maybe I should just get out of this garbage country altogether.

  22. Does it look like a Baizhu is gonna be a shielder for Nilou’s team instead of a healer?

  23. If he's a shielder he's gonna be horrible to Nilou teams, Nilou's pasive requiere you to take damage to activate and a shield would prevent that, unless you adjust your rotations

  24. Intrusive thoughts: Dehya's original kit was taken away from her in favor of another future unit, thus ending with the mess of a kit she currently has.

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