1. These guys are clowns! Don’t use zip recruiter if you are looking for a job because IDk how many times I have gotten emails from fake companies that just want your information. Fuck scammers we need some serious action in india

  2. Making marijuana extract is illegal as you clearly saw. Which means you making edibles is you EXTRACTING the THC from flower/trim and and dispersing that thc in oil or butter to cook. Aka your extracting the marijuana. Go ahead and do you though. If you lose you med card or face legal consequences don’t say you didn’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. woah woah woah, read what you just wrote. Making marijuana extract is illegal. Not combining extract like RSO with your cookies. Extracting would be making solvent less rosin or resin ect. from flower. I don’t think you are reading it correctly. Why would they sell RSO at the dispensary??

  4. Soft side looks like smooth white stone, hard side looks like my cock when I havnt shaved it in months. Your welcome

  5. If you want pain relief get the honey. Also the 550mg by cokoh shouldn’t break the bank. I got some for $28 the other day. It was on sale but still

  6. Butterfly effect is fucking $60 for me at Marion lol. And I’m always spending at least $80 off my wax so anything else is just an extra for like $20 or so but idk I just ended up buying a 1.7g of animal mints. We shall see how she does me

  7. very good choice, I love animal mintz. What brand was your concentrate?

  8. That’s a drip on the lid… scrape it with your tool hit it and move on. You lost no product.

  9. This packs a punch! Picked this up today for $28 out the door! Best price I’ve seen for this much thc. It tastes a little like weed but not overpowering. It has a really good flavor. Buckeye Relief has the best tasting honey but if you want a more potent honey this is the one for you!!

  10. Terpenes don't determine if weed is an indica or sativa. Idk if it was just the wording or not but thought I'd mention it.

  11. Yes thank you someone who is smart and understands that terpenes are not indica or sativa they are terpenes. Terpenes are terpenes

  12. Starting in the right di7rection with keeping them in the fridge. I also saw someone said store them in Tupperware. Now listen closely DO NOT STORE CONCENTRATES IN PLASTIC OR SILICONE. It will prob you of your terps. Also your stuff will start to dry up if you don't store in GLASS!! specially if you got alot and went to jist put it up and forget bout it. But glass is the only way to go if you can just use what they come in when you buy them and save them to reuse. Cold dry and dark is best. Also lighthouse sciences prob child terp creme not only is it fucking awesome but it comes in an awesome cardboard container that has a little magnet in the flap and helps keep it closed really cool little container.

  13. Yessir ^ Might want to invest in a terp fridge 😂 lol jk just store it in your regular fridge.

  14. I've heard that too but I'm not sure how that works. Does it bypass the liver or what? It processing through your organs is typically what makes edibles take long to hit. I suppose if they smuggle it through the liver somehow. I've had other edibles that say they have "microencapsulized thc." Maybe thats what they're marketing? I'd rather go to the moon for a bit cheaper than what ohio edibles would provide lol

  15. Bypasses directly through the digestive system

  16. Look up nano infusion, way different high than distillate or full spectrum

  17. Any quick recommendation on a cheap dab vape that actually works? Lol I just want to throw a dab in and get a big cloud and get high af

  18. Puffco Plus!!! It’s about $100 and it comes with a chamber to put your wax in and it’s very easy to use and get new chambers.

  19. This is a great post! I’ve been wanting to do the same and I’m getting lots of great info. Just looked up the Plus, looks dope (rim-shot). Do you need to replace the chambers often?

  20. Damn! That combination of that much Limonene and Myrcene, it would be lights out for me lol.

  21. No I use a 3 mode heat button one. Yea I know I don’t know the brand so that’s what i’m calling it haha

  22. Are rosin carts worth it? I’ve had live resin but not rosin

  23. Yes if you want the true to strain taste with a lot more terpenes in it. I also think it gives you a way better euphoric high

  24. Lighthouse Sciences MJ Muscle & Joint Balm truly helps with arthritis and back pain.

  25. I’ve been wanting to try this for so long. doesn’t it have like 3,000mg of cbd and like 500mg thc?

  26. I gave them too my dad because he has actual shoulder and knee problems/replacements. I was expecting to buy these to ya know get high haha so now that i’ve heard it’s more of a pain management thing and it won’t get you high like I thought 😂. Definitely going to tell him to try the shower thing, he doesn’t use thc products much so hopefully this doesn’t get him actually high

  27. Caryophyllene .42% Limonene .41% Myrcene .16% Linalool .13%

  28. see the weird thing about that is I’ve gotten concentrates up to 77% so I think the cap has changed recently. If you have gotten the live resin orange 43 klutch luster pod then you will know what i’m talking about.

  29. Yea just confirmed the cap for concentrates is 77%

  30. I promise I'm not a shill, but these guys are on the top of the concentrates game in OH. Nothing else hits as good and feels as smooth as their extracts. I just wish they would get into making carts.

  31. They released their diamond and live resin vapes!!! They are amazing. They don’t use distillate, they use decarbed thc a diamonds and non of the isolate shit!!

  32. I got the headband x dosidos LR cart and it is also fire. Also the blueberry race fuel disposable is great, not as good as the headband x dosidos though

  33. Yea the two vapes they were selling was the headband x dosidos and the deathstar dosidos. I picked the deathstar cause I love indicas! But I’ll have to try the headband next time.

  34. Woah that terpene profile is on point. Taste/effects what did you think?

  35. I am an avid luster pod user and the tip on this makes for such a smooth draw almost better than a luster pod. Effects are amazing. I use concentrates and this vape is a smacker. Does not taste like terpene bullshit either. It’s genuine to the strain not overpowering

  36. again, saying and posting things that make zero sense, just like your recoil. Alright since you have to have the last comment cause idk your fucking weird I will leave your gay ass alone now.

  37. This is easily the shittiest quality rust clip I've seen in my life

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