1. Embiid may put up better numbers, but Tatum is just the more impactful player. Even when he isn't scoring well, he's still running the team offense and creating assists, hockey assists, and uses his gravity to create space a lot more effectively than Embiid, who really is just an iso scorer and a selective defender.

  2. He’s playing for a better coach. It’s Doc Rivers running the offense vs the Celtics, who have been playing the same way since brad stevens, with really upper tier role players.

  3. Jokic’s defense is still in question. In a switch heavy league, he is constantly targeted, which not only gives an advantage to the opposing teams offense but tires him out, and he is the focal point of the nuggets offense.

  4. Weird that the NBA is the only pro sports league in the US that doesn’t seem to have a massive PED problem.

  5. NBA only banned HGH in like 2013. And that was the year that Melo, Bron and a ton of other players all lost like 20 lbs in the offseason. If you go back and look at him in Miami, a place that was (idk if they still are) notorious for some malpractice when it came to medications, he was wayyy bigger and stronger. While some of that is age, the amount of muscle mass he lost makes me think the comedown from taking good amounts of HGH played a big role in it.

  6. The nets should get a free amnesty to specifically use on Simmons

  7. Nah he should be put on every other team for 1 season for talking shit about Sixers fans who said Ben was not a good player anymore and was literally regressing

  8. Too High to Riot is one of my favorite albums of all time, so Bas always gets at least a listen

  9. His feature on Game’s “Pray” is hella underrated too. You wouldn’t think the 2 would work on a track that well but the song is fire.

  10. I see people even using "neurodivergent" disparagingly now.

  11. Idk man most women, while claiming to be liberal and ok with stuff like that aren’t. And wearing heels is not that far from cross dressing.

  12. People really don’t fw Throw Away the way I would think, especially as some of future’s sadder songs have been more popular now than ever before

  13. Well I don’t like Andrew Tate, and I also don’t support any of the other things she said…..? And I would argue most people don’t.

  14. Everybody does. If you’re politically left leaning, you assume everyone right leaning believes the opposite and Vice versa.

  15. I'm signing a petition to rename Liverpool to Jurgen's Whiny Little Bitches and Anfield to a Big Fucking Crybaby. My god, what an annoying bunch of brats.

  16. if you have that level of road rage you probably shouldn't be driving

  17. Let him get off on his fantasy. You already know he’s just saying it to seem tough. Don’t you like looking tough for anonymous online communities lol

  18. i’m glad you’ve never seen extreme road rage for dumb petty things, but some people are as “tough” (definitely not the right word but in your terms) but as they say

  19. I was being facetious. I know people get road rage but I just don’t believe the commenter.

  20. Shut the fuck up, you are still gonna call them if you have an issue.

  21. Hahaha. We all start somewhere bro. Im obsessed with dialing in my set up so dont put yours down. Im also in the industry and get a decent amount of product free, freeing up funds for better tools.

  22. Valid man, I’m envious in a good way. Do you have any more pieces that are more mobile?

  23. I use the puffco peak thats in the background if im traveling.

  24. I have the peak pro with the travel glass and it is almost too Convenience when traveling haha. I want to buy a set up like yours but idk how long I’m going to smoke because of these dumb ass laws.

  25. Surprised he hasn't been mentioned more. Funny-looking little fella smiling all the time, buzzing around the pitch at a million miles an hour. What's not to like? lol

  26. That's how you get passed through in the modern game. You need the opposite side mid to pinch centrally while the CDM drops to cut the forward lane. Not having the pinch is exactly why we've been cut through. Everyone needs to press and then block the lane or you get passed around.

  27. Exactly the point I was trying to make. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  28. To think some people here thought Thiago was the problem when really he’s been our best midfielder in a rotting midfield. Him and Stefan linking up almost brought tears to my eyes, the fact they were able to retain the ball and not just hoof it up

  29. No one is complaining about Thiago on the ball, obviously he’s one of the best in the world. But it’s when we are transitioning from attacking to defending is where he becomes a liability due to his lack of athleticism. He gets caught out when the opposition is countering.

  30. At the end of the day, people are social beings, and unfortunately some of our perceived value is looked at from a social point. It’s like if you went out to eat with a date, and a ton of people were saying hi to the person, it would make you wonder who the person was and how he knew that many people. It would also make the date more attractive

  31. While logically and in theory no one Should get mad at this, if a girl I was talking to asked me this I would be so sus. Not so much offended

  32. 100% read that as “I’m black” and was very confused what I was looking at

  33. Henderson's positional discipline has been poor this season. He's constantly high, still trying to play the press and counter press, where the rest of the team (probably under instruction) are not following. He's also trying to support the attack, both actions leaving massive gaps, and Fab alone trying to cover the midfield.

  34. Both Thiago and Henderson have been poor with their defensive positioning. While Fabinho hasn’t been covering himself in any glory, he also is left alone against 2-3 midfield runners because our other CMs leave him out to dry. It’s ridiculous how much hendo and Thiago have fallen off

  35. Whole album is one of the most underrated RNB albums and one of the most underrated collab albums

  36. Nah Alisson is clear. It’s close but Alisson is better on the ball, better distribution, and they are about the same when it comes to saves

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