1. Was Aceves the guy who completely forgot to cover 1st? Or maybe that was Felix Doubront...

  2. Because tens of millions of people in this country have risked and lost everything to fight for the causes they believe are just. And I believe millions more will do the same if the situation calls for it.

  3. So somebody rapes a child and the concern is the fetus? I’d rather deal with the rapist pedophilic monster than worry about some half formed fetus.

  4. Personally I think it is a bad thing that we have nearly 1 million abortions per year or that 1 in 5 pregnancies ends in abortion. But I’d address that by improving safe sex education and providing more resources for families, not by being a fucking lunatic and reviving deranged laws from the 1830s.

  5. My reaction would be: Damn, that shit went bad FAST! Then a Google search for “help, need Canadian citizenship!” This is pretty fucked up.

  6. Defining a thought process is quite difficult and not really important in this case. Just don’t ogle at or grab people, stalk them, say creepy shit, etc. I don’t think it is wrong for a guy to think “that woman is hot.” But you can’t SAY stuff like that to random women. There’s a big difference between offhand comments about someone’s attractiveness between some guys and acting on those thoughts.

  7. The one drop rule is fucking retard I'm African American and I have second cousins who are blonde headed that are considered black what kind of shit is that?

  8. I honestly think the state laws which will overturn Loving will have a different form, more in line with what conservatives are obsessed with nowadays. For example, instead of marriage prohibitions based on race, it might instead become prohibited to marry an "illegal," marry someone who's had an abortion in the past, or something sneakier like banning marriage to someone who's been convicted of a felony in the past. Maybe it'll also be enforced in the form of civil bounties.

  9. The Democrats will forever lose their ability to criticize the Republicans for political gamesmanship?

  10. Better public transit would be great for the whole country. But nobody is ever willing to commit the funding, so we keep our gas guzzlers and complain about the Expressway. Of course we can always find money to send to a war somewhere...

  11. I have always wanted to learn CPR but don’t know where to go to learn. Any recommendations?


  13. Living in MA is the only thing keeping me afloat with this political hellscape we’re in.

  14. The head of the Mass GOP is a die-hard Trumper named Jim Lyons. He was a state rep until he got voted out (lost to a Democrat) and has gone all-in on Trump and brought the state GOP with him. Baker tried to get some PAC money to take back control. It's arcane and I can't remember the details, but Baker tried to sponsor more moderate people for some type of low-level state GOP position, precinct captains or something. It didn't work.

  15. The entire GOP has gone off the rails to the far right and now uses threats, intimidation, and voter suppression to get their way. It might work in MA if our rural areas were red like most states, but if rural whites are Democrats there’s probably no hope in that state.

  16. I mostly hate team sports. Soccer, footy, cricket…and it sucks at work because all the guys talk about is soccer/footy/cricket.

  17. Stop with the nonsense of shaming guys who show emotion. Because guys (well, people in general) with no empathy are the reason why so many things are screwed up.

  18. Being able to walk around at night without fear. I don't think women realize that most men are not captain America and cannot easily fend off a junky with a knife. I've seen comments of the things women say they do in order to feel safe not realizing that we are in fact doing those same things. We aren't bulletproof or immune to danger.

  19. I used to think virtue signaling was just a word morons used because they couldn’t fathom someone would have empathy.

  20. Well martyring yourself at the hands of US cops is quite a high standard. I’m SURE you’d have wrestled Derek Chauvin.

  21. Under what law? There isn’t really any laws he’s breaking lol. He’s just a piece of shit.

  22. Public disturbance? Blocking a public way? I’m sure at least one BPD cop has nabbed him for something.

  23. A native Masshole, and current Texan here. You will be fine anywhere in Mass compared to TX. The casual ignorance and hate I have witnessed while in TX is completely out of this world for my Massachusetts eyes. TX tries to be 'live and let live' Massachusetts actually does it.

  24. Texas summers ate brutal. It's getting harder and harder to deal woth them. It's gotten to where I pay for lawn care in the summer because waking up before dawn to mow passes off neighbors and its still hot.

  25. Yes. Assholes, idiots, fascists, Christian Nationalists and all the people that enable them because muh taxes and muh guns don’t get to take my holidays or my country from me.

  26. Muh taxes, muh guns, and muh right to not be made a teeny bit uncomfortable by anything, like those "homosexuals" or "Blacks."

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