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  1. I know, they're the biggest I've seen on this subreddit thus far. I hope it will improve though - and I hope the same for you!

  2. Went to my GP this week to get blood work. He told me my wrists hurt because of tendonitis and I told him I thought he was wrong because one day it’s a 10/10 as in I can’t hold a phone and the next day I can function. I’m a 32 year old woman and I swear my hands feel 100 years old. Anyways, he ordered a test for autoimmune ‘for giggles’ he said.

  3. You've posted pics of your rash here before and the overall sentiment was that it was not malar. If you need verification, see a dermatologist. They can biopsy the rash to determine the cause.

  4. i am at my wits end with doctors. I cannot seem to find anyone that helps. I’m an athlete and have been healthy all my life up until January ish. they shrug me off and send me home with a diagnosis of anxiety and depression. Which maybe is true? I definetly have been more anxious and depressed lately forsure but I didn’t think that it came with this many physical symptoms. Make it make sense

  5. Only stupid prize won is me by clicking the video and watching something stupid and fake

  6. If you zoom in (if your device is capable with this shitty Reddit video player. There is a glob of glue. There no blood. Human hands bleed pretty easily. It’s fake.

  7. You mean that dumb thing a completely different person said, which they seemed to think better of in the next moment as they rephrased it?

  8. Honestly man. I got 3 dogs and a lizard. I fucking love animals. Was never my intention at all to hurt this rabbit. And I’ve said that many times on here. All I was hoping was to get a hold of it for a picture or sum. Ppl r nuts.

  9. Well… you were definitely cute before the bunny bite. How are the stitches doing?

  10. Hey I work in kindergarten as an EA. Lots of times what I felt really helped when a kid would not listen or saying no to everything. Is to give them an ultimatum. Maybe not the best advice as I have heard that it’s not good to give ultimatums but damn does it ever work well.

  11. One night stand. Girl started crying halfway threw because she missed her ex. Tuff times

  12. I was young. Probably 15. Still doesn’t justify my actions. Anyway I had a girl I was head over heels for. She wanted to end things and instead of being civil I completely lost it. Told her “Your gonna regret doing this in a couple years.” Big L. Because now she’s been dating an NHL player for a couple year. Jesus I was an insecure fuck. Still am.

  13. My exes new boyfriend. Bear maced me so brutally that my vision is now fucked for life. Guy is bottom of the barrel scum. Hope he meets Satan one day.

  14. You feel like you lost the woman you thought she was, but that woman never existed. You lost the woman she actually was, and you're better off.

  15. There was a girl I knew in school. She was great. We ended up together for 2 years 11 months and 23 days. And honestly those were the best years of my life. Every moment with her was perfect. I loved everything about her. She was my first real love. Everything was new and exciting and I got to experience it all with her. There were a few bumps along the way but I tried my best to make it work. I really thought she was the one. I never really believed in much before her but I really did believe the one thing and I thought I'd found her. 3 years later I'm still pretty sure I did. She was kind and amazing and beautiful. She was my best freind in the world and I would have given it all for her. But she didn't like life in our little dead end town. Life here is a bit slow and samey. There isn't really a whole load to do. She had a lot of wanderlust. She wanted to go out and see things and do things, and she wanted to see the world. I suffer from a few things and being social and going outside was probally more of a challenge then most other things at the time. I found it incredibly hard to order food or buy tickets or anything like that. I just couldn't get the words out. I never told her this as I wanted her to think I was cool and suave. We didn't exactly go out a lot alone together as she wanted me to show effort in the relationship by taking her out. And I really did try. But to me the best moments were just me and her somewhere quite. Just us. Anyway she had always toyed with going to Canada. She went with her family once and loved it. When she got back she decided she wanted to move there. I didn't know want to say. So I was supportive. I don't know what I was doing then. I was young and scared. I didn't want to lose her by being controlling, and I wanted what was best for her. I guess on the inside I hoped it would pass. A year later she's really going for it. She's applying to live over there, found some jobs and got a aunt to live with. I didn't know what to say or do. I guess I felt safe with the status quo. I had a girl I loved more then anything in the world and it had been that way for a while. I felt safe. Life was good. But then the day came. She broke up with me with one last kiss on the beach. Her freinds played us against each other by not inviting me to things then telling her I didn't want to turn up. Everytime she would talk to me face to face I would just tear up and make short responses as I tried not to completely lose it in public. The last time I saw her was a cold wet day. Pouring rain, one last quick hug. I still remember the smell of her hair. The squeeze. I didn't realise it would be the last time then as there was a leaving party comming up. I was uninvited the morning of as our freinds decided it was too weird for me to be there. And then she left. Went to Canada. Hardly replied to me. I was lost her because I was too scared of the world that she wanted to see. She saw nice meal out. I saw talking to people. She saw a day trip somewhere, I saw planning and panic. I was scared and afraid and I was too weak to follow through on anything I promised her and I hated myself for it but I couldn't do it. I'm still haunted by her. I still think of her. I still imagine experiencing things with her. What she would say or do. It's been 3 long cold years since that rainy day. Later I found out she came back after a year. She's at uni now living out her life. I don't think she'd be very impressed by me now. I don't think anyone is really. Only a handful of people know this and if you read this far I guess I can add a few random strangers too

  16. I think you gotta grow a set and text her man. Find any way to get her back. Girls like that don’t come around often and what the fuck do you have to lose by going for it? Find her number and give her a shout. Tell her things are gonna be different this time around.

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