1. Glass Cannon/Androids and Aliens. Peak Storytelling

  2. would you recommend starting with their newest campaign or to listen to the first one first?

  3. I really enjoy Dungeons and Drimbus. They do multiple, shorter campaigns that usually don't go past maybe 30 episodes. I suggest starting with The Hunt for Florida Man.

  4. rons looks like an expressionistic modern selfprotrait of a reaaaally sad artist so i mean it fits

  5. We're pretty early in, but I'm just going to say you guys are, uh, bi-er than I suspected

  6. The dad from mitchells vs the machines is actually darryl

  7. i literally imagine all of them as really big greens snakes (i always imagined everything in a cartoon style, much like the cover art) like just a humanoid cartoon snake with moustaches and hats and like weird clothing on their snake bodies idk my brains weird but i wont change my image of them

  8. Im a cis girl and i play with cis guys and they were also weirded out that i wanted to play a boy, but now then dont really care... So, dw it happens the other way around too, just do what u want to do and feels right!!

  9. I can't believe Daryl has so many votes.

  10. I mean i do think daryl is a pretty good father, or am I mybe idk forgetting something? Like he really tries his best and has come a faaaar way as a father but as well as a person. Yes there has been caused trauma, but he really tries to connect to his son and be there for him

  11. can second this !! and I was out on a walk when listening to it I had to pause it til I got home

  12. i started the podcast in lockdown so it was kind of my motivation to listen to it while going out for a run...sometimes i couldn't continue cuz i just hysterically laughed and got those really bad stitches in my side bc of it...but its still a good podcast for running cuz u just want to continue listen to it

  13. The Episode with Battle of the Bands especially the kinks part is soo funny, but i cried at terry of tower and the talk between Daryll and Grant, so those for emotional reasons <3 OMG ALSO LITTLE RON AHHHHH THAT EPISODE WAS SO STRONG TOO

  14. I have premium and only get ads that the cast read.

  15. i think that it probably depends on ur country, im from germany and also have random ads, sometimes none tho its pretty random ngl

  16. I think it is because You have consumed too much dungeons and daddies. 😋

  17. Yes thought about that too, don't remember how they described him but he sure as hell looks like a dilf

  18. I always saw him and relatives as big humanoid snakes for no reason. with mustaches tho and a hat

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