1. I've had the one pictured above and a quartz one Be very careful I've broken several as well

  2. Yea I will def take it easy on it. I paid too much for it not to take it slow enjoy it.

  3. I def think if you want it to last more than a couple days I would take that advice ✌️

  4. Funny you post this. I started putting mine in a ziplock after every hit. Also, hitting with far less force. Seems to stretch it as far as it will go. I mean, I've noticed a difference this way. Or I'm more conscious of it anyway. Look forward to other comments.

  5. I'm keeping mine in the bag it came in until I'm ready to use. I agree shorter hits makes it go so much further. Although the live resin luster I can only handle a little time bc it's so strong in a good way. Gonna use it at the beach I'll get it out and see how it really taste

  6. Don't let her have but one or two hits Just a tiny bit too much and she prob won't like it. Good Luck ✌️💨

  7. Yeah I’m afraid she’ll get spooked if we end up overdoing it, definitely gonna be one of those joints that you smoke over a few days haha Last thing I wanna do is scare her off and leave her with a bad impression

  8. These look so good. The selection in southeastern Ohio has really been shitty lately. I can't find anything I've been buying in a regular basis in the past two years. It's all different and I haven't found a good product to replace it with. Enjoy!

  9. Does the orange 43 or lemon slushee have that pinesol taste to either one? I'm getting ready to get a luster to take to the beach but I don't really care for the pinesol taste. Plus I have a really high tolerance

  10. Grapefruit sour dream is a good sativa. It's got blue dream in it always a good strain.

  11. Klutch definitely has better terps & flavor. These for some reason seem to last longer for me though & the effects are equal if not greater. So it’s kind of a toss up on wether you want better flavor or for it to last longer. I mean it’s not a huge difference but these have been lasting me an extra day compared to Klutch. I normally go through a pod in 2-3 days & these have been lasting at least 4-5.

  12. Sounds like the firelands would prob last me longer as well. Thanks for the help ✌️💨

  13. I just started with live rosin and a dab straw is the easiest and cheapest way to learn imo.

  14. What strain is the terp creme? I'm going to buy this brand for the first time and can't decide between problem child terp creme or supreme diesel terp sugar.

  15. What would u recommend lighthouse sciences problem child terp creme or supreme diesel terp sugar?

  16. Where did u find this. Sounds about right bc I just got into vaping rosin and AR was my go to. And my dispensary had it for 65$ for 1g

  17. I am constantly yelling at my phone bc of changing menus. And they always come out with new stuff the day after I purchase it seems like. Lol ✌️💨

  18. They have been out at my dispensary I'm praying they will b getting a batch of this in though!! 🤞✌️Nothing I've had has been as good as ancient roots.

  19. I always found catfish to be the gassiest strongest smelling flower over josh D og and other Josh D strains.

  20. Yeah I hear great things about catfish and I love sativas so I can’t wait to give it a try!

  21. I've never really gotten a strong sativa vibe from catfish u can def use it during the day but it helps with anxiety and can be used as an evening strain too

  22. I like it The effects are on point but it doesn't really have alot of smell or taste. I've only starting dabbing with a dab straw and I got ancient roots La kush cake and nothing has been as tasty as that stuff it's amazing taste like candy!

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