1. Well yeah, because they're in the US. A game in Cuba would be completely different

  2. The Venezuela vs USA game was a totally different atmosphere. The Venezuelans were L O U D, even though the crowd was a 50/50 split. THAT was one of the best and coolest games I’ve ever been to.

  3. I had to turn my tv down every time a Venezuelan pitcher had 2 strikes on a USA batter. It sounded amazing though. Sounded just as loud as a D1 Football game

  4. I’m confused… there were Patria y Vida and Libertad slogans, chants, and gear everywhere last night. Maybe it didn’t make it to TV, but if I hadn’t known better I’d have thought Patria y Vida was Cuba’s national anthem.

  5. So far we’ve had 3 fans run on the field. The protestor, a drunk guy who tripped over second base, and a shirtless man with a plain Cuban flag

  6. I understand now, I get why it happened, I still think it wrongly to protest in a way that would get me fined and probably arrested.

  7. It was an act of Civil Disobedience, the lowest tier of effective protest. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting arrested or fined in the line of protest so long as you aren’t hurting people or damaging property.

  8. The way it works is you have to buy them as soon as they go on sale or use a fan code. When the tickets start to sell ticketmaster seems to apply some type of "holy shit these are selling lets mark them up by 100x" feature. I went to revolution last year and paid 90$ for the 4th row floor after ticketmaster messed up the 2 day combo packs, now its 5x the same seats for a dynamite.

  9. How does one get a fan code? I’ve been to so many shows, but I struggle to buy decent tickets when they go on sale. I’m always in the queue early and waiting to buy immediately but it’s only worked out like twice.

  10. So I was at the taping and I wasn’t impressed, however watching on honor club has actually been decent. IDK if it’s the editing or the atmosphere, but I like it better than most other wrestling shows right now.

  11. It looked pretty fun to me, granted I just love wrestling and I attend my local indie when I can

  12. There were definitely several fun matches, but sitting in an ice cold studio, on tiny plastic folding chairs, with no concessions, for 4.5 hours straight of non-stop matches is more way draining than I realized it would be.

  13. The S&W mags work, but they’ll be a bit loose and you’ll be more likely to experience failures.

  14. This means I would still need a dedicated barrel correct?

  15. Whenever a bureaucrat oversees the losing of large sums of money then receives a promotion, I can only infer that the money was not lost at all.

  16. Bruh, Exhausting is an understatement. With Dark included, it was around 12.5 hours of non-stop jobber matches in 2 days. NGL some of the matches were fun, but it was a slog to sit through all that for just a handful of entertaining matches.

  17. What? You mean you’re not dying to see Danhausen & Orange Cassidy vs The Workhorsemen? surprised Pikachu

  18. Did the governor turn down $30 million in aid? Is the governor’s office telling constituents that everything is fine when it’s clearly not?

  19. I’m genuinely curious. When searching all I find are articles saying DeWine requested and was denied aid, and one Newsweek article that says he needs to request aid (without saying whether he did or didn’t request it).

  20. $10 is a tough sell, $5-7 and I would probably be on board

  21. Pretty much this. To subscribe to Honor Club and buy all 3 PPVs will be $240/year. I already pay $250/yr to watch the AEW PPVs, I can’t justify paying just as much for ROH.

  22. The banner in the arena implied Supercard would be on HonorClub, so I’m interested to hear if events will be included in the price

  23. This is what I’m most worried about. They need the crowds to be hype

  24. This is an elevated version of the set/layout they use for Dark.

  25. Not only is it an elevated version of the Dark set, it is also the new Dark set. They just change the graphics in the monitors and the ring dressings for Dark now.

  26. Wow. ROH didn't even get past its first taping before an impatient mark starts concern trolling about it.

  27. OP just wants everyone to know he was there for the first ROH taping under the new management.

  28. I’ve been to a lot of AEW shows and I couldn’t see any appreciable difference between the Dynamite, Rampage, and PPV merch booths. The only main difference is the PPVs have t-shirts that say “I was there” on the back.

  29. Battle Cry and Judas are the best AEW themes, but I do unironically like Walk of Fame (Ryan Nemeth) so I picked that one.

  30. I bought the sampler last year. I had one right after I got them and didn’t enjoy it and decided to let the rest of them age for a while.

  31. How were they after you aged them? I might just let them age until Mania then

  32. I got them around Mania last year, and had one on Memorial Day and it was a bit harsh for my taste. I haven’t had another one yet, I am planning on smoking my next one to celebrate Cody’s Mania main event.

  33. In this world you never reach the top by chance. That's all you need to know.

  34. The Flatliner always confused me. It looks like your opponent is giving you a rock bottom.

  35. Even if it's not, I think 556 is a more popular cartidge

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