Old woman stops littering

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Guy takes 1300 horsepower car on public streets knowing the throttle (gas) sticks, then rides the brakes the entire time to compensate until they fail and he crashes (bonus idiot points for not wearing the full seatbelts in a 1300hp car) [Language Warning]

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  1. I don't see people speeding 30mph over speed limit where I am in greater Boston area.

  2. Can't get the cameras to work in ChromeOS... Didn't find a fix so far. The developer of the brunch project once mentioned that cameras of all surface devices lack Linux support two years ago. Not sure if it's still the case. Interesting that you don't use cameras on the device. How would you attend an online meeting with that device?

  3. Oh even I would be doing work on it that's tied to the cloud, so all data remains backed up while I have another windows laptop as my daily driver for everything. It's the opposite for me. Surface was running hotter on W10/W11 while it's barely warm on ChromeOS...

  4. Weird. Maybe it's because I'm pushing the cpu with 4k or high def video content.

  5. I mean, Blue Lines are still clean and look very nice. The rolling stock is from 2004-2009. And they’re planned to be phased out in 10 years.

  6. Yea the PVC quality used in these commercial application is amazing. Durable and stain resistant.

  7. Yeah my biggest complaint with Wegmans is nothing is where you'd expect it to be and every store is different.

  8. lol so true. Wegmen spent more money on decor looking nice than the functional organization of it.

  9. I love how she said what she had to say and didn't stick around for an expended lecture. Hit it and quit it.

  10. Democrats wanted a progressive like Sanders but got a more moderate candidate due to boomers. People don't like Biden because he's too weak on conservatives.

  11. Biden is incompetent and it has nothing to do with his politics. Biden isn't running the show. He reads teleprompters of speeches written by others. And, he's so senile

  12. I don't know, it's bad, but it's different bad, if that makes sense. I grew up in South Africa, and I've seen some very rough areas, but a lot of good people come out of those areas. The thug life that you see here seems like it's very specific to USA

  13. Yup. Poverty looks very different in other countries. In fact you can have poverty and still be very peaceful but I will admit those countries have a decent government when it comes to social programs.

  14. US poverty is riddled with drug use hence the opiod epidemic. Especially in farm areas. Wouldn't fall under the peaceful different I was talking about.

  15. Would it be worth it to claim? Not sure they send a detective for a couple hundred bucks at most. Seems like more hassle than it's worth. Besides, these things have deductibles, which are probably higher than the loss.

  16. Sometimes they won't. Not even make a police report sometimes. This is because their insurance will go up next year and cost them more.

  17. Actually you seem to have some issues clouding your judgement. Firstly if I was “here for the money”, I wouldn’t be here. If you can’t open your own practice it isn’t because of the insurance companies, you either don’t have licensure that will allow that or you have some other problem. Maine has laws that cover this, don’t like them? Move or or work to change them, bitching on REDDIT will not help you.

  18. lol those aren't the reasons why doctors aren't opening up their own practices...

  19. Urgent care facilities are being opened by hospitals to siphon off patients from ERs. the last two hospitals I worked acknowledged a need to divert traffic away from ERs.

  20. Urgent care is also filling the needs of lack of primary care. Now can you connect the two together on why there's a lack of of primary care offices especially privately owned ones...

  21. What are some of your deal breakers? In my opinion, women have all the advantages when it comes to dating apps so if you can't find someone who wants a longer relationship, it might be that you're being too picky or there's another factor at play.

  22. Bro spent "23 years, $208,000 and 2 wives"* building the car and then couldn't be arsed making sure the throttle didn't stay stuck WO before taking it for a joyride.

  23. you'd think....... but it is allowed 'minimally'

  24. It's allowed because they can't really stop people from doing it unless the pictures are taken at a physical location themselves. That costs more to do.

  25. Why, when there’s already a ferry? Much better way to travel.

  26. Pretty sure a bridge is the more efficient travel choice over ferries...

  27. Husband’s parents live on the cape and we’re north of Boston. It’s ROUGH trying to visit them in the summer.

  28. I think wasting all that water on growing and maintaining grass is ugly. Go figure.

  29. I didn't mean it as an insult to your lawn if that's how you took it. I have a lot of gardens and the sprinkler system that waters my flower and vegetable beds also water my lawns. And if you have the right type of grass seed for the zone and sun coverage and if you have it well established with deep roots it doesn't use that much water.

  30. Why grow useless grass when you can grow environment friend clover?? Your thought process is about aesthetics whereas it should be about maximizing.

  31. As I said there are ways to grow grass without that much additional water use.

  32. August is now going to be rain every day with 90 degrees and huge swarms of mosquitos. Thanks OP.

  33. you can thank me, I've still got my snow tires on and I haven't put my snowblower away.

  34. I mean, can you really call yourself a new englander if you can't bust out your snowblower within 10 seconds?

  35. Yes but no... It's just depressing.

  36. Yup, this has nothing to do with history. Abe was a shitty person but celebrating like this is pretty shitty especially coming out of China.

  37. Yep true. Same goes for pretty much everything else there besides healthcare lol.

  38. American mobile used to be more expensive and slow compared to other first world nations. Tmobile has aggressively priced their plans in the last 10 years bringing down prices overall. We'd be fucked if tmobile didn't decide to do this. It's actually a miracle that mobile industry in the US didn't go the way of everything else in this country.

  39. Wow. That's surprising. I loved in Boston for a few years and I guess I never went outside to fully appreciate that. I'm coming from NYC, where we definitely have mosquitoes that ruin outdoor dining on the regular, but maybe they're trust fund mosquitoes...

  40. There are definitely more mosquitoes this year compared to maybe 4 years ago. But those places are well maintained places. Should be okay.

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