1. The Greens are TARGARYENS. They are not fighting for some native Westerosi values and dislodge Valryian imperialism. Heck they themselves are a part of it. Had it been otherwise, the Green lords would never have supported a dragon riding Targaryen King married to his own sister. And who married them in the first place - their Hightower mom if i remember correctly.

  2. Olivia Cooke. unchallenged GOAT. She might even be among the top if you combine performances from HOTD and GOT. Matt Smith was brilliant till episode 3. After that he kinda waned a little bit.

  3. Show Corlys is cool and has a strong presence thanks to the actor but he is bad written, his actions ans believes makes no sense when you consider his future arcs.

  4. Rhaenys in particular is irritating AF. And she was my favorite in the book. She rants about "feminism" to Alicent, but won't even answer 2+2=4 without Corlys' permission.

  5. That stache exudes Kingliness. Tom does give very aristocratic vibe for real. He can easily pass off as royalty of some former European monarchy.

  6. Nettles has probably been casted already. According to the very first casting reports, they were looking for Cregan, Daeron, Alys and Nettles. Plus, it makes zero sense. Nettles is the reason why Daemon defies Rhaenyra's orders and goes to fight Aemond. She is the reason why she becomes paranoid after the betrayal. So, removing her makes zero sense (but what would you expect of those braindead stans).

  7. Now where have witnessed such blind braindead servitude before? Hmmmm... Somewhere in Germany in 1930's it seems.

  8. I'm not disputing that Aegon II is recognized as King in 300ac. I'm just saying that we have no indication that by the end of the Dance Rhaenyra wasn't recognized as Queen (Cregan literally calls her lawful Queen during his stint as Hand). Aegon III being called "third" was the compromise to appease the greens who had just lost the war, that doesn't mean he was crowned because he was Aegon II's heir or that Rhaenyra wasn't considered Queen. In my opinion what more likely happened was that Aegon III recognized his mother as Queen (and Aegon II too probably) but as time passed history was written the other way. I don't know what Viserys II did or thought, but the reasons he was crowned extend way beyond Rhaenyra and the Dance

  9. What Aegon III personally considered Rhaenyra and what he officially did were two separate things. Of course, he loved his mother. Maybe he remembered her as Queen. But officially considering her Queen? I doubt he ever did that. Or perhaps he was too traumatized to do that. And Aegon III does take the Iron Throne as Aegon II's heir. Even if the Blacks fully military took KL and installed Aegon III by themselves, he would still be installed as Aegon II's heir. The next King is by default considered the heir of the outgoing King. And Aegon II literally declared him heir, officially, when he married the boy to his daughter. Both Blacks and Greens lords consider Aegon III Aegon II's heir it seems. The only difference looks like is Blacks prioritize the relation via Rhaenyra i.e. uncle-nephew whereas Greens see the relation as first cousins via Daemon.

  10. I doubt he didn't recognize her as Queen. Why wouldn't he? There was no reason not to. She and Aegon II were both recognized, with time Aegon II became the only one. Aegon III's doesn't take the throne as Aegon II's, that would be the same as saying that if Maelor was alive he would've been crowned king which is a ridiculous statement. If Maelor were still alive and Aegon III was crowned as king would you still say he took the throne as Aegon II's heir. The fact that Aegon II declared him his heir doesn't mean the Blacks cared, they were marching on King's Landing to crown him because he was their king, because he was Rhaenyra's heir.

  11. Well in this case Maelor is not alive. He is dead. Which is the reason why Aegon II has to make Aegon III heir. Because he has no living male successors. Had Maelor been alive, then Aegon II would not have declared Aegon III heir. But Maelor died, Aegon III was the closest male relative to Aegon II. I don't understand why it's that difficult. It's pretty straightforward. What something was intended and what actually happened are two entirely different. Blacks most likely did not care who Aegon II's heir was. But when Aegon III ascends the iron throne, when he is being coronated, he is being coronated as Aegon II's successor. Which is because Aegon II was the preceding monarch and Aegon III is the succeeding monarch. And that too an officially declared one. It's a simple order of things. Intentions could be many, but the action is final. Rhaenyra post dance is out of the scene forever. Even though the Targaryens are here descendants, no one really cared about her. She probably became a taboo among the royal family members. And thank that to her own younger son, Viserys II.

  12. Neither of them. They both got royally screwed. Whatever "victory" both sides achieved was completely hollow. Greens "victory" is a pyrrhic one that gets quickly reversed even after their King literally kills the rival's queen. And the Blacks' "victory" is some kind of a far fetched spiritual bloodline victory that even their own descendants don't give a rat's ass about.

  13. Seems like you are another former Team Black being pushed towards the Greens by the unhinged stans. You are not alone.

  14. If Rhaenyra never married Daemon and remained wed to Laenor (considering Laenor is straight in this case and all three sons are legitimately by him) then maybe not. In that case, Otto would have first tried different means like getting Helaena married to a legitimate Jace and get his blood on the Iron throne. If that didn't work, he would have schemed his way through a great council doing a Jace vs Aegon vote out. In the book, this was similar to how Viserys got elected before Rhaenys' son Laenor himself.

  15. He was in Vikings: Valhalla. If he does appear in HOTD, he could be either Cregan Stark, Hugh Hammer or Ormund Hightower.

  16. I expect them to have a similar vibe to how the Lannisters had under Jaime. Taking ep 10 as the end point, as of now, Hightowers should have the biggest land army in Westeros. While the Velaryons reign supreme over the seas, Hightowers should have the land dominance. Because, Reach has the capability of raising the largest army among all kingdoms and currently Hightowers are the main power of the Reach over their Tyrell lieges. Regarding the show, I expect the Hightowers to be shown as a massive and formidable army, but their victories will be heavily dependent on Daeron. Ormund Hightower should be a pivotal character and I am still waiting to see how they handle the book!Hobert since, Hobert was retconned into Otto's older brother and Lord of Oldtown. Some other Hightower cousin would have to take his place in the show. I am also curious about how they handle Gwayne, Otto's son.

  17. I think Vhagar is one of those dragons, the more destructive you are, the stronger your bond grows with her. By the time, they both go around BBQing the Riverlands, the bond will be at its peak as if only death that can separate the two. Which is what is their bond supposed to be as per the book.

  18. Great visualization but leaving his swagger kingly stache is a sin in the eyes of Gods and men!

  19. You don't have to go that far in the family line to solidify that. Viserys II is right there lol.

  20. Aegon doesnt have decendants to hate him

  21. There is a reason why Aegon III is called "the third". It's basic, elementary math, no rocket science. Because he officially succeeds Aegon II, "the second".

  22. Maleor should be there as Aegon and Helaena have three lines coming out from them in the intro. Even Daeron was not there on the official HBO family tree and they added him later on. So, Maelor should be added later on.

  23. Emma D'Arcy is a meh actor at best. The first Rhaenyra was still a brat, but a brat with energy.

  24. Agree with that. It feels like the non-existent chemistry is being shoehorned by the writers and the "Daemyra" stans. But honestly speaking, their chemistry just does not strike in terms of on-screen presence. Matt Smith is a phenomenal actor, I will be clear on that. I know how to separate the actor from the character. I watched him in the Crown, Dr. Who and Morbius and he is an absolute treat to watch.

  25. The show has kinda messed up the Velaryon-Baratheon family tree. Rhaenys is Alyssa's granddaughter via her daughter Jocelyn Baratheon. So, Boremund should be her uncle and Borros her cousin. But in the show Boremund is her cousin.

  26. That person must have deleted it in shame, I'm not seeing the top comment

  27. Maybe the person was simply baiting or deleted the moment they got roasted.

  28. They called out Ewan yesterday for liking Aemond, the character he is dedicating years of his life to. Wtf.

  29. They basically decided on a worldview that this entire franchise is all about the glory of the Targaryen family, and any bit of reality that disproves that headcanon triggers them. Like dragons, they are greedy and jealous, but for attention & praise for their chosen characters instead of riches.

  30. In that case, Greens themselves are Targaryens. Media illiteracy or lack of basic reading comprehension.

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