1. he is your mahram you can wear normal clothes. you can buy new clothes that doesnt show inside, a good excuse for shopping 😁

  2. Ich weiß nicht wie religiös du bist aber aus meiner Sicht: Du hättest seinen Tod nicht vermeiden können! Egal was du getan oder nicht getan hast. Gott hat die Sekunde, an der er gestorben ist schon vor seiner Geburt geplant. Und Gott ist der beste Planer. Alles ist Schicksal. Ich kann sehr gut nachvollziehen warum du deswegen so mitgenommen bist aber bitte mach dir nichts draus. Deine Absicht ist gut und das ist das was zählt. Du bist nur ein Mensch. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute. ❤️

  3. You have cool olive undertones!! What's making you think that you might be warm are the olivey tones

  4. where can i find some good tips and recommendations for olives? thank you for your help btw!

  5. Thank youu, I didn't think about it, I thought that N were tall and athletic. I'm still a novice. I just looked at picture of FN celebs, and I find that my shoulders look similar :) I will explore this type more.

  6. You don't seem FN to me at all tbh. You have rounded narrow shoulders in my opinion. I think SC or even R/TR

  7. I recommend using your color style method (YouTube) instead of the seasons. It's way more helpful:)

  8. Romantic. You have no width whatsoever, all curve.

  9. She doesn't have a defined waist though? I would have never guessed TR because of this

  10. Maybe you are mixing an oil based primer with a water based foundation or the opposite?

  11. No thank you. I grew up watching my mum struggle because of this. I think I'm good😂

  12. gpyh says:

    Time to shine! I have plenty of these:

  13. Sorry but am I the only one who would hate having to answer these questions 😵‍💫 like I don't know lol

  14. Assalamu alekum sis💕 i've been in the same exact boat. I decided a few weeks ago to make peace with her for the sake of Allah. I read that a person who cuts ties of kinship won't go to paradise. I did not want to risk that. I asked Allah to help me be the bigger person and now alhamdulillah everything is good between us although I don't agree with a lot of things she does. I hope you do the same. You will feel so much more at peace

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