1. Well that makes things a hell of a lot easier. I read some articles that said wax pens just don't work with hash or they do for a bit but then it ruins the device.

  2. Idk about wax pens per say I use a dtv4 with a titanium cup

  3. This is for flower? I will enjoy this over rolling a blunt to smoke?

  4. I personally have come to like vaping more than smoking I can get stoned as shit off a dosing cap and smoke half a joint and not feel shit. Vaping is amazing.

  5. Welcome to the family. Family is everything and you're a part of it now. I love my mighty so much I've been debating getting a crafty for on the go. These Germ vapes are far superior to any other vape and still a decade later. It's crazy.

  6. I was just thinking the same thing during POTVs black Friday sale but I chickened out, maybe after xmas

  7. I saw they finally had full gram available at Sunnyside may try one

  8. So far cresco and ancient roots have been my top favs and all I'll buy. Tried a superflux/botanist cart and it was awful

  9. I agree tho I got some new pods recently and felt the taste lacked compared to older ones.i had

  10. Nope that's Ohio's standard .84 luster pod. Only full gram cart you'll get in our program I've seen is ancient roots Live Rosin carts

  11. They aren't distilled I'm not sure where he got that information. The supply are distillate and live Terpenes now but the cresco are all live resin (possibly some cbd to stay under THC limit)

  12. Got the sunset crunch too. I like the effects, but the flavor is... weird. Smooth, but weird and not very much like cannabis

  13. Flavor is awful ): and effects idk rnt horrible but I like ancient roots way better

  14. Ancient roots was the best i’ve ever tried, can’t wait for them to come out with more. Instant buy for me

  15. I was very disappointed in the cart u got today from them

  16. Got the glto Kake indica live resin cart today was very disappointed. Would not recommend any one wasting there money on these.

  17. It's easy IMO. I've used NuggMD and OCC and I would recommend OCC. Wish I had known about them first, my renewal was only 100$

  18. I hope the slurricane Chem DD come near me when my days restart friday

  19. I love the flavor my Mighty+ gives and my dynavap can't go wrong with vaping cannabis. I feel like I get way more stoned off .15 in a dosing cap or vap cap than I would smoking a J.

  20. What pisses me off is Sunnyside has these on the menu in Chillicothe but then when u go pick it up it's a Supply cart that saying NOTHING on the package about live resin being in it.

  21. Pllsss tell me what is on the end I love this and wanna try it with my new +

  22. Sure, its just a little bubbler that came with the whip, its a great little addition, and its really cheap..

  23. I got some cold cure rosin of the lemon slushee strain still have a good bit and tis yummy

  24. Renewed my second year a few days ago. I was 4 days from card expiring. Last year I renewed early and as much as the doc told me they would hold my renewal a month, it got sent in that same day and I lost a whole month of fills.

  25. people on here but just commented we Get to keep our time we just won't get our renewal email to pay the $50 to the state until it's time for our car to expire

  26. Hope they do get to keep their days. My docs office just f--k'd up last year.

  27. They do I just renewed my card 3-4 months early to not loose telehealth and I didn't loose any of my fill periods

  28. Welcome😁I love mine as well got it about 4 weeks ago

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