1. I am on XSX. It is interesting how PC players have different experiences even on high end rigs.

  2. That is one of the few on Game Pass I’ve actually played and fully agree with you. Everything you look for in a jrpg. I appreciate your response and hope it inspires someone else to give DQ11 a shot!

  3. In my pc game the difficulty is frankly all out of whack. Most of the fights in death march are far easier, but a few of them are harder, or at least seem harder (the Ladies Bald Mt. fight for example). Enemy upscaling seems to be totally bugged as it's adding significant buffs to some enemies at or above my level, which it should not do, turning them into unbeatable death machines. So, yeah, it's been a weird experience overall and every fight feels different than before and mostly not in a good way. I must have gone into menu/options/gameplay 30 times by now making sure the difficulty is on death march, because the fight I just experienced seemed like it was on Just the Story.

  4. My experience as well. I take it as a challenge.

  5. Thank you. I monitor this mod development with much interest.

  6. Check out Dawn. Read what is all included in the mod.

  7. So in the beginning area, I put everything to max, tho I turned off motion blur, and everything else below it, and get 65-75fps using a samsung qn90a tv to check frame rate. Still need to play the actual game tho lol havent had time.

  8. Assassins Creed Odyssey (better) or Valhalla

  9. Try Odyssey first. Check out tips on Youtube to smooth the first time. Enjoy!

  10. Check out Gamergrade on Youtube. Good tips.

  11. For those wanting an OLED, you can get the B2 for $300 cheaper than the C2. I don’t think the picture improvements of the C2 are worth a 30-40% price increase so B2 seems best value.

  12. Honestly, I didn't care about any of that. But then my husband bought me a new TV for gaming for Xmas. Since I have the series x and ps5. I noticed a huge difference when playing after.

  13. You can disable the setting for update games or the software. I do this do manually select which games are updated. I play Skyrim.

  14. I know that I just want to know how often it searches for updates, at night I turn it off completely and then unplug it

  15. To add: play with the white shirt on, no cat or gripphon school skills, do not max out skills, use lower level swords, no stun or stagger, no HUD or no HUD while exploring setting.

  16. Did you do a soft power reset? How much free hard drive space?

  17. How do you track your stamina and health with no HUD on DM?

  18. Plague Tale slaps Witcher 3. I have both on a high end PC.

  19. Check the legend and if the relevant category was disabled (the eye icon toggled).

  20. Makes a huge difference in gameplay. Add on toggle the HUD.

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