1. Wow I would think with that handicap your average score would be lower!

  2. You on the Korn Ferry with that handicap?

  3. Agree with Breezezilla that it’s def Fnlrd and Mmmmsjjm. Those beer mugs in the back of the pic are the real stars though.

  4. I actually found it more forgiving than the Ping

  5. Ping G400 would be a good place to start.

  6. Ak-chin southern dunes / dinosaur mountain at gold canyon

  7. Is that Cam Smith? LIV is really getting desperate for viewers if this is a new rule…

  8. Checkout Aguila, it’s a great bang for your buck muni course. You can only make tee times a week in advance and they go quick. Not all that expensive no matter the time of day.

  9. At the top of the page in the search bar next to where it says

  10. Its a sweet course! We played the founders course right after. The greens at both courses were super challenging with how fast and undulated they were. Definitely hope to go back there!

  11. Preference between founders and Victory?

  12. Nope, I use an iPad. GSpro is the gaming Computer only one

  13. This is your sign to delete the Garmin golf app, and download E6, Awesome Golf, GSPro etc.

  14. I use both. Garmin s60 Watch 90% of the time. And range finder if I want to shoot an obstacle, or if I’m in a scramble and want to hunt a pin.

  15. Sorry, but the answer is gift card to a golf store or a golf course. Golf balls work too, as long as you know what they play or know they don’t care. I wouldn’t want half the stuff people are mentioning. If I got a club cover that someone else picks out for me, 85% chance I don’t like it, and have to pretend I like it. And every time that person comes over and sees my bag without it, they’re wondering why I’m not using it. I’ve gotten so many golf gadget type things over the years, and it’s either stuff I’d never use in a million years, or I already have it.

  16. +1 for Aguila in that price range. Most of the other courses in that range aren’t the best. Can only book a week in advance and those times go fast, so be on it.

  17. Ak-Chin, Dinosaur Mtn, Verrado can be done for semi “cheap”.

  18. I’m on my way to Golf Galaxy right now to buy a Scotty Cameron because changumangu is confused about this.

  19. 2 hybrid is probably the last club so would pick based off your current clubs. I’d add a second putter or a 69 degree wedge before I gapped a 2 hybrid in between a 3 wood and a 3 hybrid. But obviously depends On your distances.

  20. I second Dinosaur Mountain and Ak-Chin Southern Dunes

  21. If you don’t go Ping, check out the Mizuno ST 220 Z. Crazy forgiving like the Ping but less $

  22. I definitely would have cancelled, is this Windmill Lakes?

  23. I didn’t think Windmill charged for walking though? Could be wrong.

  24. Ya you definitely can, PGA pros do it all the time on tour.

  25. The clubs in the pic probably aren’t fake. The scam is using pictures like this that are just taken from a google image search, and used to get the $ upfront and then never show, etc. Looks possible here. Those pics look similar to the ones on offer Up and marketplace I always see from people that have 0 reviews or sales because it’s a scam.

  26. I got fit last week and those were the two I tried out. Hit both well, but hit the Mizuno better that day. The Mizuno was everything people rave about with the Ping, with a more traditional look and sound and less cost. Can’t go wrong. You can also get each for $100 less in mint condition on eBay or 2nd Swing.

  27. Garmin r10 will at least get you some free courses to play on and while it isn't the most accurate, it does pretty good for a just for fun with friends simulated game.

  28. New Mizuno St Z 220 is $299 or a used Ping G400,410 or possibly 425 if you’re a good internet sleuth.

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