1. Maybe a 3 or 5 wood down the line. But you’re good

  2. I have a garmin watch and a rangefinder. Haven’t taken the rangefinder out of the bag for my last 20 or so rounds.

  3. This is the thing though, the 4 iron is 19 degrees, same as my 3 hybrid. I'm not sure how much that would help.

  4. Hybrids of the same loft as an iron tend to go farther

  5. Paired with two awesome guys on a recent Phoenix trip who liked to play as fast as me. 3 hour round as the 1st group out before the freezing rain came (ya, I brought Ohio’s bad weather with me) Only people who finished 18 that day.

  6. What did you do with your testicle after it was lost in an ice skating accident?

  7. I put all my clothes in my travel bag, kept it under 50 lbs and that was the only bag I had to check.

  8. keep an eye out for ones in your area

  9. Shaft flex depends. You’re young, so might swing hard enough, despite being a beginner to go stiff. Might depend on your size, athletic ability, etc too.

  10. Thanks. I'll check the ones you mentioned out. Yeah, I'm a DI athlete so I'd consider myself pretty athletic. Just unsure if I'll be able to translate that to swing speeds haha

  11. It’s impossible to say. Putter is 100% personal preference and it’s hard to say until you try a bunch out.

  12. I have one. Huge fan. I wouldn’t pay the eBay up-charge, but I’m incredibly happy with my $600 purchase.

  13. Hell ya. Especially the views on the front side

  14. I wear my Apple Watch all the time except for when I golf, I put on my S60. No regrets in buying it.

  15. I assume it’s because that particular set doesn’t make a gap wedge and you want one from your mp set, not a dedicated wedge?

  16. I cut a 45 inch driver shaft I bought cheap on eBay down to 43 and put a new adapter and grip on it. I don’t even think I lost any distance playing that much shorter, or if I did it was negligible. I still felt more comfortable with the 45 tho because I’m 6’4 and I was really just messing around. But it’s pretty simple to do. If it feels a little light you can put some lead tape on the head. But I doubt you would notice. It’ll prob make it a bit more stiff. Could always buy one stiffness level down, and probably be about the right stiffness after you cut it that much.

  17. No way in hell the ranking was based on his own conservative viewpoint. That’s crazy talk

  18. Only words on any of the clubs are: Black Panther True Temper Stainless

  19. True temper stainless is just the shaft

  20. Can you rank the food items you had?

  21. Are you a Russian bot? You just created this account like 20 mins ago…..

  22. 110 is extra stiff range. 95-105ish is stiff, which is a fairly(ish) common swing speed.

  23. Where are you at when it comes to how justifiable either of the wars were, and has your opinion changed on that at all as time has passed?

  24. I was never a pro war type of guy. If I am being honest, I joined before 9/11 assuming I would do a few years than get some college money and maybe a bit of discipline. I was initially excited to go to Iraq only because it was the main even at that time (2003–2004-time frame) and I wanted to be a part of making history. My first combat tour was in Ramadi in 2004 and I very quickly learned there was nothing sexy about war. The sad thing was it got personal at a street level. We would be driving, an IED would go off, kill or injure a friend. we would than kick down doors to every residence in the km radius trying to find out who did it, pissing off an entire neighborhood. Taking many of their sons or fathers back for interrogations which would than piss someone else enough to plant a bomb somewhere or take some shots and next thing you know it's not at all about what you saw on tv. it became a personal issue between two groups of people occupying a space in 120 degree weather and not getting along. Short answer, it was not justifiable. I went there ready to die for "Freedom" I luckily came back with nothing more than mild TBI. I would not be ok today with having lost a single finger for whatever that caue was.

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