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  1. Funny thing about special effects, they aim to produce an "expected effect" not a "realistic effect".

  2. Next you're going to say 300 lied to me and blood doesn't shoot out for 45 feet when you stab someone.

  3. TBF, you would be shocked at how far spatter can travel from the site of a slashing wound.

  4. Tradcon is when my bra-less wife brings me a sandwhich without me even asking

  5. If he was one of ours, he'd have a chiseled jawline, bulging biceps and a delicious rock hard cock! Then he'd mow down all those homos!

  6. to be fair, he looks like a backwoods Layne Staley type of scumbag as well.

  7. He was a pretty shitty dude. Amazing voice, and Alice In Chains was great, but he fucked his band over pretty hard.

  8. Interesting. All I knew about him was that he had a raging heroin addiction.

  9. Nobody hates this country and the people in it more than Trump supporters. Like, wave all the American flags you want, but if your vision for the country sees over half its citizens as enemies that need to be destroyed, then you’re no patriot.

  10. “What is happening to our young men?” They say, as if there’s not a constant recruiting effort of young lonely white guys to be as radical as possible

  11. Why is it that some men think all women naturally enjoy the thought of being “destroyed”? As a man I would be very concerned if a girl’s come on to me was how painful and aggressive the sex was going to be.

  12. The DSM-5 (i.e., modern science) states that trans individuals are only mentally ill if they are in a state of distress for not being able to present the way that they feel most comfortable. Page seems pretty comfortable.

  13. I wonder how much of it is ignorance, and how much of it is being deliberately disingenuous in order to propagandize.

  14. Not accepting means you don't believe that people are made to have same sex intercourse

  15. So your plan is to what? Let the Christian right try to legislate us out of existence because you think we're icky? Or stand against them because you believe we have rights?

  16. You want a discussion, but you won't answer my question. Because I've got news for you, standing by and letting the lgbt community be stripped of their rights is taking a side.

  17. No, but they still manage to surprise me from time to time with the levels they'll stoop to.

  18. Seriously, if you have to lie to make your side look good, are you on the right side?

  19. "They give a lot of mixed signals, but I'll say unequivocally that they're a socialist." What a fucking dipshit.

  20. More than 80% of libertarians are pro choice, this is higher than even the democrats

  21. Taking the life of a human generally impedes in their liberty to a greater extent than restrict said taking of human life.

  22. I just bought the remastered editions of the first six games on steam in a bundle!

  23. I fucking hear that. I'm so tired of trying to be respectful towards people who have no respect for me.

  24. ....Why the fuck is the first use of the word women in quotations?

  25. a.k.a. Women who turned him down for dates throughout college.

  26. Yeah, the guy is cringe, sure, and the insults don't help. But if someone cosplays, I can understand their frustration, especially like a fan of the Joker since many years now put in the same bag as cringy neckbeards

  27. So this cringy neckbeard is mad people lump him in with cringy neckbeards?

  28. never thought id live to see the day people rallied behind fucking minions: the rise of gru as cinema's savior

  29. Yeah, you go watch your woke shit, I'll be binging all the Minions movies and playing the Kyle Rittenhouse video game. Don't lie, I know you're jealous.

  30. Open on a clean quaint suburb in Wisconsin, pan down to our main characters, Celia and Cecil, the Chinchillas.

  31. "Mama, I don't like our mean neighbor, Old Man Liden! He fired dad from the factory and gave his job to those smelly loud brown chihuahuas that moved into the neighborhood."

  32. “Girls, if you enjoy sex you and your husband are definitely going to hell”

  33. "If God intended sex for pleasure, he would have invented the female orgasm"

  34. Except recently he's be claiming he's "not very religious." Like ok, that doesn't excuse the fact that he's abandoned a dog, a cat, and his own son. Chris Pratt is a major piece of shit.

  35. Let's do "gallows built" and "people caught with zip ties". "Number of people bussed in" perhaps?

  36. “And they can’t find a single thing on him.” If that was true, why was he impeached? Twice?

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