1. Not sure why you’re getting downvoted. Carefully managed culling is part of conservation. If an older individual is too old to breed but still old enough to attack others and take up resources, best thing to do is to humanely dispatch them so that younger, reproductively viable individuals can breed with less interference. If you can sell parts of the culled animal to further fund conservation efforts, than all the better.

  2. “If an older individual is too old to breed but still old enough to attack others and take up resources, best thing to do is to humanely dispatch them”

  3. Real amber, modern gecko. It is a common fake out of Indonisia and Russia. They drill out the amber then heat the amber power to a thick liquid, put the modern animals/plants in the void then fill it with the liquid.

  4. Nice job! Post again when they’re dry and you have them displayed however you intend to show them off

  5. Three Years in Wonderland by Todd James Pierce was a good read about the development of Disneyland. He runs the Disney History Institute podcast and is very knowledgeable.

  6. Start the restraining order process. For you and the rest of your family

  7. I was bummed when Wood Ranch closed. Moving to West LA but it’s not as convenient for me

  8. Not for nothing but…..Andres across the street is much better and cheaper 🫢

  9. Unfortunately Andre’s is also slated for the chopping block. All of that strip center east of Whole Foods to be york down and rebuilt

  10. An ill-tempered Doberman, or better yet two or three. No one will mess with the yard then

  11. definitely not. more so curious what her motive is. it looks like she took down the photos of her husband, now i’m beginning to think her marriage is over. yikes!

  12. he said he doesn’t care, just feels weirded out. not replying would be rude but he’s happy to do that.

  13. Sometimes the past should remain in the past. Facebook likes to think that everyone should stay connected forever, but it’s fine and even healthy for people to not have contact.

  14. But the insects weren’t killed for no reason. Every pinned insect is studied and/or appreciated.

  15. I would make a park like the old Nintendo game Pilotwings

  16. Larger fish is 4” long and 1.25” wide

  17. Cool find. Are you keeping it? I wonder if there is a way to preserve the cartilage

  18. Just send him a text that you’re thinking about him, and there for him and available if he wants to talk

  19. Congrats on cutting off toxic friends and how exciting to start fresh as you go to college! Many people find life-long friends while in college.

  20. One day you’ll probably appreciate your youthful looks, especially when you run into old friends who have aged terribly!

  21. Interesting that someone has cleaned all the tile off the roof. I live in the states where we were cheated out of really beautiful roofing and have this absolute ugly asphalt shit everywhere even on expensive homes. Tile is rare, slate is expensive even where I sit at the moment in Vermont where itt was often quarried.. old tile is truly magnificent and when I am in what was the old East block I often see ruined barns and tile roofs falling apart.. I am especially partial to central European tile of the double overlay type and maybe one of these days I will import a container..

  22. You’re not wrong, but given the state of the building and the sag on the roof, I’m sure the tile was taken off to lighten the load. How this building hadn’t already collapsed was beyond me, and likely why I took these pictures.

  23. Back alley rock shop in Skagway- if you like rocks!

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