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  1. Yeah, and somehow Noelle, whose literally only personality is being a maid who wants to be a knight and nothing else, is up there. Like, we don't even know anything about her other than that. Also, Kaeya being in F tier yet Yelan who's practically Liyue Kaeya is way above. There's a disconnect lol

  2. You’re oversimplifying Noelle a bit. She’s overly polite and considerate almost to a fault (“Guest from Afar” Hangout), she’ll disregard her own health trying to help someone, and she is reluctant to raise her weapon against other people. She has a tendency to overwork herself and has a tendency towards overpreparation if her hangout event is anything to go by. She also sets high standards for herself, and if she makes a small mistake, she is very visibly upset about it and works hard to make sure she doesn’t do it again (“Imperfect Examination” Hangout).

  3. So… Have you read the Genshin Manga? Definitely feel Amber should be higher. I can’t comprehend her being so low, but that might just be very strong bias, lol

  4. Lets see how her powercreepy kit is gonna break the game. Raiden fucked the balancing pretty well, i expect our little archon to at least shake up the reaction meta.

  5. Freaky and macabre as hell with a dash of cuteness/elegance. I love it

  6. She's the lowest tier character, had to have her design censored, and some people will bully you for using her in coop. Her kit is also questionable, and she gets some of her best use only after constellations. Oh, and you can't get her from event wishes ever. Paimon's Bargains once every six months or get lucky on standard.

  7. You and me both. The single constellation away from double Baron Bunny is just teasing me and the reason I’m summoning on Standard Banner until Sumeru

  8. Are you caught up on MHA? I strongly recommend skipping the episode with Shigeraki’s backstory if you want to watch the show gore free. That mess was hella disturbing as someone who wasn’t expecting it.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: out of all the Undiscovery Ch clones, only the original had some amount of good. All of them are clickbaity, but at least Undiscovery Ch was informative sometimes. Now, if we could just do something about the clones…

  10. It is in fact a spiritual successor. I can't reveal too much about it yet, but it will be made with love by fans of FF like myself.

  11. Does the team have a Twitter, YouTube, Discord, or Subreddit? Anything that can be followed to know whenever the game is ready for release or to hear any news at all?

  12. It's got a YouTube channel ATM. And we do all the work through our discord.

  13. Looks less like Genshin and more like TLOZ: A Link Between Worlds to me.

  14. Honestly I hope they switch it up on us. The story is becoming very predictable

  15. Honestly, there aren’t that many antagonistic factions. There’re the Abyss Order, hostile wildlife, Treasure Hoarders, Kairagi, and the Fatui. Hoyoverse could always have the Hoarders do something, but they really aren’t organized nor as competent as the Fatui and Abyss Order. Might be early enough in the story to introduce another faction, but it might not be needed.

  16. It must be gender-specific. Traveler is canonically a good chef after all

  17. Qiqi almost certainly is. Her forgetfulness would interfere with the cooking process. Shenhe probably doesn’t know how as she’s never needed to. She eats herbs primarily when we meet her

  18. I'm glad she's a loli. I had no strong personal feelings one way or the other over whether she's a grown woman or a kid, but it's hilarious seeing people get upset over dumb things that

  19. Everytime someone posts spoilers that don’t work on old desktop Reddit, a puppy has a bone break. Please fix your spoilers here and in the future by reading below:

  20. He told her an incredibly bad joke, and she died of cringe

  21. Bad puns? I dunno what pun he said, but it Faz to have been a Bear-y bad one. Cassidy probably didn’t have the Will to continue to live Afton hearing them. (probably something of this level or worse, lol)

  22. I see it on occasion, but I'm completely out-of-the-loop. What in Teyvat does "sends me" mean? Sends you where?

  23. In light of recent information, do we know anything about Dendro reactions? I'm especially interested in recent info if any is available, since people apparently have access to Dendro characters

  24. I could not care either way. Perhaps I'm just used to it after playing several Cygames games in the past, lol

  25. tails character got ruined here, when he saw chaos, he quivered. yeah you heard that right, QUIVERED. and said "SOnIc hElP mE!" when he fought chaos before

  26. I don't think subhuman means what you think it means.

  27. This artstyle looks familiar to me from another franchise, but I just can’t remember which

  28. Odds say they're all green furniture chests now. Partly because dendro but mostly because "spend money, no it's not a question"

  29. I hope not. 1) I need upgrade materials. 2) That’s a lot of furnishings new players can miss out on

  30. I’m ootl. Have been on a hiatus from the game for a bit and play the Steam version where linking to a HoYoVerse account wasn’t a thing last time I was in-game. What’s all this about account wipes?

  31. Microsoft really needs to learn regular expressions. I just can’t believe that this was the most efficient way to implement this, lol. Could probably seriously compress a number of those entries down. Not sure if I’m more upset at this inefficient implementation or the system’s own existence XD

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