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  1. What I meant is if this was an police officer man having an orgy with female officers

  2. Well to be fair Biden did call it the Putin Price Hike. So now its the Exxon Price hike?

  3. This and the stickers of Biden “I did that” on gas pumps lol

  4. It’s not zero sum. More than one person can receive everyone’s hatred.

  5. You are somewhat right. Although, usually they are bought at thrift stores or at a slight discount of the original price of the clothing. I’ve only seen certain cases where the used version is more expensive- where it just looks the perfect amount of used. Idk its weird but the older clothes give off a more mature, edgy look I suppose

  6. Carhartt is a great example of the exemption. There are stores in trendy areas like LA, Denver, and NYC where people hunt for items exactly like this and the prices are usually in the high hundreds.

  7. I've always tried to give police the benefit of the doubt.. Lord knows their job is hard and thankless (when done correctly). Murders like this, and Daniel Shaver have opened my eyes. They have learned to manipulate the body cams. They have learned to give confusing orders, only to say the victim wasn't complying. I hate some people have made this a race issue. We must all fight this. This is a humanity issue. I do realize, black people are more affected..I'm not saying that. It will not change, until we are all outraged. Until we realize this could be our child...white, black, it doesn't matter.

  8. They’re paid well and pensioned. What do you mean “thankless”

  9. I hate cops with all my being. But who gives a shit who they fuck. This story is bullshit propped up to take the hilight off of the violence they commit on the daily. Let thwm fuck eachother all they want.

  10. I care that they did this while on duty, and that’s where it ends for me. Like you said, do who you want, but not on the taxpayers dime.

  11. Stupid as this sounds, it's a good indicator that people have less play money. A contraction in the porn market eventually spills over into groceries and utilities, not to mention rent and mortgage payments. Invest in pawn shops my friends, and repo companies, jdugement day is upon us.

  12. This isn’t necessarily true. OF is an oversaturated market where money flows heavily to the top. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone under 90% doesn’t make a lot of money off it. I’m betting The bottom 30% of accounts are unused, even.

  13. Time machines can’t get here fast enough.

  14. I have friends who argue that violence is just as bad in places where the public doesn't have such easy access to guns. According to one guy I know "knife violence is just as bad". This is a bad opinion.

  15. Not only is it a bad opinion, it is statistically incorrect. Not only does America have more firearms deaths than most countries (if not all, idk) but we also have more knife crime than UK. I think we actually have double the knife crime per capita, not just total.

  16. Kinda sounds like a violence problem if the line your can draw isn't around guns but VIOLENCE. Even with knives.

  17. Of course we have a violence problem. Mental health and the growing wealth gap are significant contributors to violence in the US. But, the effects of mental health can drastically vary depending on the tools they use, hence gun control.

  18. My office is 3.5 hours away. Fortunately, I only need to go once or twice a year.

  19. You spend up to 14 hours commuting to work each week???

  20. No but seriously, did you DIY this camo? Everyone has different tastes and this is EXACTLY what I want in a camo. Please share your process.

  21. people dont realize what a racket it is. These guys write their own salary with the OT

  22. Especially since their retirement terms are dependent on the last 3 years of work hours. They bust put as much OT as possible for 3 years and then they get the ultra cushy pension from it

  23. Believing made up genders exist is in fact the exact same as believing in a made up religion.

  24. Bro, gender is made up. You’re thinking of sexes.

  25. Oh no, how will we survive without the poor middle man

  26. disclaimer: i’m getting furniture as i go. i only moved in about 5 days ago and am still figuring things out. the ottoman and shitty dining chair i got off the side of the road. still need a coffee table, lamps etc

  27. Compromise: projector on the wall. Sure, you lose some quality, but you maintain the focal points while not actively being used, and you retain the utility of a tv. Second con would be that you might need to leave the wall blank for this to work.

  28. I can’t remember a single scene from it, and I bought the DVD! Dark knight was so much better

  29. In the movie’s defense, I can’t remember anything about Batman Begins either. I’m looking forward to (if) how the will build into the sequel

  30. I think the market in general popped up on okay inflation numbers and general optimism on avoiding a notable recession.

  31. I noticed it’s mostly bad or volotile sticks pumping the hardest. Meme stocks mainly. It seems like a bull trap. We’ll see in the next couple of weeks

  32. Boy do I have news for you...

  33. Conservatism as a political idealogy literally means to keep the status-quo, or not change anything. So to be conservatism is to be accepting of laws that suppress minority groups.

  34. The driver backed up (could have left but didn't). Moved forward towards guy. Backed up again (could have left but didn't). Moved forward again towards guy (could have left but didn't). Backed up INTO GUY (could have left but didn't). Moved forward into the guy again.

  35. "After the second time he reversed" Is at the 12 second mark, where the vehicle switches from reverse to forward for no reason, then moves forward very slowly for about 15 feet then stops, again for no reason.

  36. I don’t know why you’re in a tizzy about this, I’m not defending the guy. I’m only stating what I believe will happen, based on what I’ve read about similar incidents. And for the record, he stopped because he got his drivers side windows smashed in, not “for no reason.”

  37. Whaaaat…..doeeeees…..theeee….tiiiiiii…..ckeeet……saaaaaay

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