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  1. And presidents that remember how to ride a bike

  2. I guarantee you that anyone who has ever ridden a bike with pedal straps, toe clips or clipless pedals has also fallen because of them. I mean, watch the video and you’ll clearly see his toe gets stuck in the pedal strap which is why he fell. Sorry that doesn’t fit into your idiotic narrative.

  3. You’ll also clearly see his other foot was already down and had time to figure it out before tipping over

  4. so its clear youve never ridden a bike with these kind of pedals. thanks for confirming. jesus, i dont even like Biden, im just someone who rides bikes a lot and knows this shit from experience. you sound like a damn fool

  5. Let’s all be honest here, Dukes is the best mayonnaise.

  6. My grocery store just got Dukes and I bought my first ever jar of it the other day. Just finished the old jar of hellmans today so gonna give Dukes a go tomorrow.

  7. So there’s no actual accusation that he is a racist or did anything racist or has any racist thoughts, etc.? He just said/read a word?

  8. Everyone who is talking publicly about it is not making the accusation that he’s racist. That doesn’t necessarily mean that someone on the team doesn’t feel that way. They’re just keeping quiet.

  9. I’m not the most connected guy on the planet but I read SoonerScoop pretty frequently and haven’t seen this from anybody credible or really anybody at all. Lots of folks taking the OSU fan at face value for it, kinda strange.

  10. The only person I know who has had it 3 times is one of the only people i know who hasn’t had a single vaccine. This anecdote is just as pointless as yours.

  11. Idk, I may be in the minority, but McAfee’s schtick has gotten really old quickly

  12. im not a fan of his. not that i really watch GameDay much anymore, but this wouldnt help

  13. It was an auto skip for me any time I’d find it on shuffle because I didn’t enjoy it. After seeing it live on this tour, it’ll probably stay an auto skip because it will never be as incredible as it was live.

  14. One of the blandest Coheed songs but I’m intrigued to hear the live version hearing all these rave reviews.

  15. Wait, we’re the lesser of two evils? OU-USC relations are healing 🥲

  16. When in high school we went to an university lab researching sugar replacements and I told them I just thought the taste of different supplements was all different than sugar and even different than each other. They had just scaled everything on degrees of sweetness. They didnt want to entertain this reality. I told them that I could confidently blind taste sugar vs substitute with extreme accuracy but still no.

  17. How could you NOT taste the difference between a regular coke and a Diet Coke? I agree. I fuckin hate any artificial sweetener. Thankfully I don’t really like soda all that much either so I have no need for diet soda.

  18. He was in the middle lane too. Wasn’t even in the far left lane. And there was literally nowhere for him to go.

  19. Way back in 2003 I did grays and Torreys mid-week in September and there were 2 other people there

  20. I did bierstadt in 2006 and saw maybe 20 people the whole day. We got to the parking lot at like 7 and were one of the first cars there.

  21. I remember BAD radio had Joe Rogan in the studio. This was summer 2007 I think

  22. Salida is stunning, you'll have to check out Mt. Princeton hot springs in the fall/winter if you've never gone before!

  23. We were there in May and it dumped about a foot of snow on us overnight. Hanging out in the hot springs drinking a beer while it is dumping snow at night was magical.

  24. We got super lucky with the timing. It was 65 earlier in the day but a spring snowstorm whipped up and buried the area with about a foot of snow.

  25. Would love to see some of your nature in real life. The New Mexico/Utah/Arizona/Colorado desert area seems amazing.

  26. By the end of 2019 everybody became an outdoorsy person, was super into bikes and hiking and all that jazz. Now it's just back to Netflix and mimosas as usual (which is also awesome).

  27. Thank god. 20 and 21 was brutally crowded on the trails. It’s so much emptier out there this year.

  28. ive never ridden up there so cant judge their trails. but aside from being crowded, trails within an hour or two of Denver are pretty great. even the front range stuff in Golden/Morrison is very good

  29. fair enough. crowds and traffic can certainly be annoying here. living on the west side of town was the best move i ever made when buying a house here. i can be at Apex in 10 minutes. White Ranch - 15 minutes. 2020 and 2021 were pretty bad for crowds but now that Covid is (more or less) over, crowds have died down some. in the summer, im up typically trying to hit high country rides which are less crowded anyways.

  30. I guess full court press on Malachi Nelson. High risk but I feel like if we can get him to flip, we have a great shot at getting Lemon and Branch to flip as well

  31. Hopefully. If not, just gotta make sure we land Lagway next year. Is OU our top competition for him?

  32. I’ve heard that with Jackson Arnold coming in this year, might be tough to convince Lagway the following year. Seems like things are trending for Michael Hawkins out of Allen HS as our 24 QB. we just offered him last week and he’s an OU legacy.

  33. The Subaru driver, that was shot and killed, was a friend and coworker of mine, he was not the type of person to provoke or piss off anyone, he was mellow and laid back, and he was going home from work late... The pieces of shit out there that steal, mass loot, and shoot up places, are unfortunately only going to get worse, as our police, and government officisls continue to fail us... No this isn't about banning guns, or antigov, it's about all of them taking their jobs more seriously and providing proper punishments to the criminals they do catch, to send a message to others... We lost a great person yesterday, his parents lost a son, and we lost a friend, for no reason...

  34. The absolute pinnacle of the album. First time I heard it, blew me away.

  35. Guessing the cancer patient is dead and that shot of the cops is just them finding the house broken into later that night and finding the body. Gene is long gone.

  36. So, none of these victims would remember Gene in the bar and getting water in cab #357?

  37. You get your identity stolen, why would you immediately think of a drunken cab ride you took home a couple weeks beforehand?

  38. So OU fans, how do feel about finally embracing the SEC mindset of defense and having elite DLines after years of underwhelming defenses?

  39. Elite D Lines are how you win national titles. So I’m in. Obviously being in the SEC will be tougher but teams are forged in fire and if we can put together a run in the SEC one year, you have a good shot at a natty

  40. Imagine if you guys are in the West and we meet in the SEC champ lol. I can imagine it will be 08 2.0 lol

  41. things always closed early here, relative to other cities. but it got way worse during/after Covid. not much open past 11 or midnight

  42. My take away here is confusion around what “dispersed camping” actually means. Technically it means camping outside of an “established” campsite where you need to reserve the sites, pay the fee, etc. But then there is this in between concept called a “designated” site that is growing to be more popular in Colorado. Designated sites are still technically dispersed, and established sites are technically designated, but when you’re in a “dispersed camping area” and the area’s website says camping is only allowed in designated sites, then you can only camp in those sites which usually have a number or marker by them and typically have a metal ring firepit.

  43. this is the thing that is confusing me about his post, because he keeps mentioning "dispersed camping" and "designated sites" which seem mutually exclusive to me.

  44. Charlie Kolar from Iowa State and Gabe Brkic from Oklahoma both got Mechanical Engineering Degrees as well. But I also know plenty of football players who go for communications or something like that.

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