1. Nice! Now better get rid of 3 of them so you have less chance of getting s6 duplicates. Having more than 1 of any car raises the possibility that you’ll get duplicate s6 parts which is terribly frustrating.

  2. Props for following through! But those don’t really look like the hole in your customers drive line. And what is a “six hole”?

  3. Gonna go great next to the MLP Jars

  4. You certainly do, I wish I could beam flip as good as you.

  5. What are you referring to? I feel like you read it wrong.

  6. Happens to me once in while, mine always sound like something falling off a table just as I fall asleep.

  7. I thought 4 people were going to discontort out of that.

  8. Nice! The Challenger is the only Dodge I like. They did a great job with the retro styling.

  9. I’ve had exactly that happen. Did some tacking with no helmet, just closed my eyes. When I woke up my eyes were killing me for a couple hours then felt fine the rest of the day. Bad news is same exact thing happened the next morning too even though I didn’t weld at all the day in between.

  10. I used to work construction in a wet environment. My problem was that once a tape gets wet a couple times it won’t rewind all the way so instead of screwing around and trying to dry it out I’d just grab another one. We used Lufkins, at $35 a pop my foreman hated me for the amount of tapes I’d go through.

  11. That's a pretty good company if they are buying your hand tools for you. I work for a pretty large carpentry company in NY area and the only tools they buy for us are the power tools. All hand tools like tape measures....squares...knife blades...snips...ect we have to purchase for ourselves.

  12. It was road construction, and yeah they were a great company to work for. Wish I still had that job but the company bought an asphalt plant and basically quit the road construction side of things so I moved on.

  13. Huh, you mean those 2 pixels? I guess that has to be them though.

  14. Where the hell did you come up with a set of MILVS? The only place that I’ve found selling them has said they’re out of stock for like 2 years and they don’t reply to emails.

  15. Damn, so they sell out quick I see. I guess I gotta check more often. Thanks for the reply!

  16. I'd suggest getting an ultra sonic cleaner. You can get em cheap online or at Harbor Freight. 15 to 29 minutes in one of those and you'd be suprised what it would get off.

  17. As someone who bought the Harbor Freight ultrasonic cleaner I can say the one I had was junk. It only worked for about 3 cleanings and barely did the job while it worked. I returned it within a week. Like a lot of Harbor Freight stuff, it’s hit and miss on if you’ll get a good one or a junk one.

  18. Someone probably put a outlet cam in your bathroom. I’d remove it and check it out if I were you.

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