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  2. South Korean men from age 18 are required to perform military service, women aren't, women want "equal rights" yet won't perform the same duties as men. It's teenage boys fighting in the Ukraine-Russian war, not women.

  3. While also revealing that they don’t understand what bail is or how it works at all lol

  4. This was also what I thought of lmao. "Bail him out of prison" isn't a thing

  5. The phrase literally means what it says. You pay bail so that you don't have to wait in prison until/during your trial. That doesn't mean you'll never go back to prison.

  6. Your "study" involves the interviews of 16 men and their reports are extremely similar to women's experiences with police and courtrooms.

  7. His last two links are fatally flawed lmao. The first sagepub one is literally- "an anonymous qualitative questionnaire was distributed via social media. In total, 147 men (85% from the UK) who self-identified as being subject to abuse from their female partners, completed the questionnaire." No fucking way that's reliable.

  8. "Proof? Lmao. This is a blatant ad hoc, you've only made another completely baseless claim."

  9. The average woman on onlyfans only makes 185 dollars a month. So no, there is no "easily make tons of money".

  10. Imagine MJ not dunking ! He’d be just another ordinary bloke

  11. Anon was raped, but the Internet will find this funny because he's a man. Thanks male privilege.

  12. Would be a shame if every top comment and their upvotes proved you wrong

  13. WTF are you talking about? We had other races "mingling" with us, but we weren't so obsessed with it that it occurred to us that it should be an "issue". They were people, and they were judged by their character, just like everyone in the community was judged by their character, regardless of race.

  14. Way better this year. He genuinely looked like one of our best defenders in the trailblazers and first magic game. There is only one time when Luka looks really bad on defense, and that's when he gets blown by a player. Also, it's important to note, that this aspect of defense is usually the one that people play most attention to, as it's the most obvious, so there's an inherent confirmation bias that exists regarding someone's holistic defensive ability just based off their ability to stick to their man.

  15. A reminder that the British funded the largest anti slavery campaign in human history. Don't allow race grifters to pretend that slavery was exclusively practiced by the West.

  16. This article doesn't even claim that anyone is obfuscating history lmao. It literally just says this specific slave trade should be discussed more. It also says "experts say" then lists precisely zero (or one, i suppose) experts or institutions which have said this. Seriously? I mean, I agree if it's large it should be spoken about but this doesn't support your claim at all. It doesn't even contain anyone saying slavery is "exclusively practiced by the West"

  17. No one runs around claiming having cancer is healthy. But people try to sell off being obese as healthy, that's where your comparison fails.

  18. Last season where Zach Wilson ran out of the pocket then lateraled it forward into his lineman’s back, bounced off the lineman and was picked

  19. I think you're thinking of the play where he tries to flip it to Ty Johnson, the RB

  20. So did Big Hero 6, and that fucking movie was gold with a 91% audience score. Stop excusing bad movies with “review bombing.” Baddle Laddle La!

  21. Uh... no it didn't lmao. No gay characters, no well respected women, no interracial couple, no minorities in positions of power (the villain and the guy who funds the heroes are both white). Am I misremembering? Apologies if I am.

  22. They didn't adopt it, they are literally claiming something that didn't exist.

  23. Just Herbert hates the spot light and being on social media. It’s an ongoing gag he avoids the cameras, so they were poking fun at that.

  24. Did you uh... did you not watch the video? He never said Herbert uses social media, he said he makes throws that gain popularity on social media

  25. You never said you didn’t claim there wasn’t. You came here and just started commenting shit that i provided sex offenders list, after i provided links and info of dems being accused of pedophilia.

  26. Jesus christ you people can't read lmao. I. Never. Said. Dems. Don't. Have. Pedos.

  27. It already happens. Look at any woman in a position of power in the US. They tried to kidnap Whitmer and kill Pelosi, and they make casual rape jokes about AOC and SO many other women politicians. The hostility in the corporate world, the credit-stealing and hostility in science and academia. The arrows are always flying. It never ends.

  28. This is why all the right wing comedians fail Jesus christ

  29. Jesus christ. The doomer takes here. The team is performing a year ahead of schedule and Zach is the piece, albeit the most important one, to not catch up.

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