1. Its pretty bold, but I'm officially coming out as anti- women on women violence. Thank you to everyone supporting me through this time.

  2. I am black and I believe this totally unnecessary. The roasting of Friends due to its lack of diversity makes no sense to me because the characters in Friends (except for Joey, obviously) probably wouldn’t have had a bunch of close black friends.

  3. This is a super easy question to answer, they made a mistake in their premise. They assumed everyone who had an abortion was on birth control. Which doesn't make any sense. These things are nowhere near mutually exclusive.

  4. When someone intentionally makes a display of their sexuality to unknown people without the context of their humanity along with it, how have they done anything other than reduce themselves to their own "fuckability"?

  5. They're still a human what the fuck my guy lmao. Do you see pictures of people you don't know online and assume they're robots or something? If you saw a picture of her doing literally anything else, would you somehow fail to grasp that she's still a person?

  6. Ben Shapiro needs all this help just to beat some liberal college kids? 😹😹😹

  7. Daniel Jones can sling it and run like the wind.

  8. Yeah it's weird how no one talks about the fact that he's a damn good athlete but complete shit at QB. Conversion to tight end incoming lmao

  9. That’s in response to a completely different post and has no correlation to this post or the other post in the eagles sub.

  10. It's pointing out how cherry picking stats is rarely reliable lmao, did you not see the part about the ypg which you also referenced here?

  11. The post you’re referring to is a post that wa deleted by the mods because I misread the stats in PFR. They credit hurts with 12 wins but in reality he only has 9 and 3 of those “wins” are simply game games played in. That distorted the per game stats for tbh at post and it was deleted as such.

  12. You keep asking people in comments what the benefits are "besides choice" but the present problem is the lack of unaffected choice lol. That's like asking "what's the benefit of wearing a seat belt besides helping in case of a crash?" Well technically there's just the one but thats kind of the point

  13. The Bengals defense played exponentially better than the offense during their entire playoff run, and they deserve the most credit for how far they got.

  14. I never labelled every single one a riots, but they still had thousands of riots.

  15. You literally said "the blm riots". And he asked you why you said riot instead of protest, and you then answered. Lol

  16. So you genuinely don't understand how using the phrase "blm riots" and then when someone asks why you didn't say protests, you then reference the property damage leans towards what I said? It's ok, I'll explain.

  17. Or a Greg Williams absolutely throwing the Jets/Raiders game.

  18. This is a clear attempt at satire but it honestly shows how ridiculous most men are in response to high standards on tinder. Sure, some women have lists of standards some of us would consider too high, but they almost never contain weight maximums, age maximums, working a single day a week, having no female friends and limited male friends, a previous partner count, or being a gamer.

  19. I mean... how many do? Also "multiple women"? As if aborting children from only one woman would be better in your eyes? Would Philip Rivers be exempt?Lmao

  20. I know quite a few rich Republicans. I 100% guarantee that every one of them would put their daughter on a plane to get an abortion where it was legal if put in such a situation.

  21. I am genuinely curious which high profile republican will be caught doing this first. It's only a matter of time, right?

  22. I think you forgot to read what sub this is. It was an observation of thought.

  23. Respectfully, that doesn't make every thought valid. If I put a basketball on the ground and said "if the earth was round, the ball should be rolling, right?" That wouldn't suddenly mean no one could ask me why I think that or point out how it's really silly (and by that i mean if i asked it on this sub). I'm just not sure why it being a random thought would mean i can't ask why you believe it's a valid observation of society

  24. Disregarding the fact that you said "hear" and then "mean"-

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