[Schefter] Deshaun Watson has decided he wants to play for the Cleveland Browns in a stunning change of events, per sources. Watson has informed the Houston Texans that he now is willing to waive the no-trade clause in his contract to be dealt to Cleveland.

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  1. Somebody make an updated graphic of our entire secondary now please and thanks

  2. Most theme changes/updates in a year is probably Test in 1999. He had like 10 that year.

  3. The Corre also had like fifteen themes it felt like

  4. Jesus there’s so much hate for Marlo in here

  5. I’ve been beating this drum. Plays like Hollywood with better hands and Seattle is in rebuild

  6. Tyler Lockett would be a stellar trade target, Seahawks in mostly rebuild and he’d be a great replacement for Hollywood as a deep threat

  7. Greg Roman’s scheme was the problem, not the production. Can’t blame Hollywood for not wanting to be a blocker nearly every non-passing play

  8. Landry is the move. Could do way worse at wr2 and gives the guys we already have a chance to step up, and if they don't grab someone high next year.

  9. Travis Jones was mocked for the first? Wild value

  10. I imagine we get a WR and trade up to get a DE here in the second

  11. Bundle all the sixths to move to the second round. Let’s hawk down Pickens and Ojabo. In my dreams really lol

  12. He was in TX, I had the thought that maybe he was gonna be a guest on Rogan. Tom Segura is tight with him, and there is a big group of comics down there that are close.

  13. Nah was just the stage reveal with Dude Perfect

  14. Think they should keep Baker instead fr fr

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