1. Middle or senior embedded software engineer.

  2. Interesting stuff. The fact that the original Star Wars didn't receive a Best Picture award is a permanent stain on the Oscars in my view, given that it's the closest equivalent that films have to the works of Shakespeare. None of the superhero films have won either, which is another black mark. It's interesting and a bit sad to see the trend has gotten worse in the last few decades.

  3. "Going Home" S3.E5 of "Taxi". Dec 17, 1980. Victor Buono is perfect as Jim's dad.

  4. Famous people on Henry Gates Jr's "Finding Your Roots" find famous cousins all the time. They're usually not first nor second cousins though.

  5. It seems now to be in fits and starts. I'd look carefully at Ajay Agrawal's "Prediction Machines". While GPT seems impressive and image processing is doing cool things, music is kind of not like that.

  6. It’s far more interesting to see what the newest entries are because these types of critics do not fall into the trap of recency bias.

  7. Is there? This would surprise me. This poll is only every ten years, and doesn't have the box-office (now streaming) impact that an Oscar or BAFTA or Cannes might, I'd think.

  8. I wonder how many people actually make decisions based on Oscars, BAFTA or Cannes?

  9. It kind of makes more sense when you consider it from a "survival of the fittest" view that is generally what climbing the ladder is. The people that climb to those levels have learned how to maneuver and be successful in a certain environment. Changing that environment is dangerous to their survival. Many of them were likely good at shaking hands, befriending the right people, socializing, networking, etc. How many of those things are going to translate to a fully remote workforce? Probably some of the skills but certainly not all of them. Not defending the view, but that's at least the way I view some of the people who are fighting against WFH.

  10. Measuring the value and profitability of colonies using currency and banknotes is peak reddit genius. If only British Empire had strategic masterminds like yours!

  11. That's amusing but I wonder what else they could have used?

  12. None, taking over a piece of land that give you control and influence and resources is invaluable. No country would surrender land voluntarily whether it's a piece of Antarctica or some tiny island in nowhere India.

  13. Comparing the economic landscape as it relates to someone today at your age in 1980 is preposterous. The fact of the matter is people now, of that age you were in 1980, simply don’t have the level of savings needed to purchase a home. They definitely won’t after the pain they are about to feel with all of these impending layoffs.

  14. Try to give the usual Boomer contempt, a miss m'kay? Had it not been for the auctions, we would not have been able to buy then. Wages were a whole lot lower then. It was overwhelmingly overpriced even then.

  15. I didn’t call you a boomer, you did. I said comparing the economy in 1980 to the economy in 2022 is short sighted, and pointless.

  16. It was pretty dire then, too. That's the point.

  17. money is on him joining the AB while there.

  18. In prison he'll be able to connect with some professional white supremacists.

  19. I just got a 12 hour suspension for saying I hoped Putin would die soon. Well chosen twitter.

  20. I gave myself a permanent suspension from Twitter before it was a thing. So far, so good.

  21. I went on twitter a few days ago without login in, the front page was a few tweets praising Elon on his firing and how he's running twitter and it's better than ever, a tons of right wing tweets some with questionable choice words, neutral platform my ass.

  22. " What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality? " - Zapp Brannigan.

  23. "So it's you I've been attracted to. Oh God, I've never been so happy to be beaten up by a woman." - Zapp Brannigan.

  24. Ask any Software Engineer or Computer Scientist and they will tell you:

  25. There are a lot of really horrible UI concepts promulgated by UX experts. The worst UI I've seen were done by EEs, though :)

  26. IMO, the HBO "Hostages" from 2022 describes the internal contradictions of the regime thru the lens of the US hostage crisis. It's phenomenal it's lasted this long.

  27. Damn that’s awesome! What does a pick up like that cost?


  29. Hot Rod covers both the Deluxe and DeVille platforms. I've gigged a Blues Deluxe and it was perfectly capable of getting too loud, but not that cleanly.

  30. More specifically the Green Party in Germany. I appreciate their position but the reality diverges from it somewhat.

  31. We are doing this with Nix dev-shells for a medium-sized embedded firmware project. There are multiple different cores (ARM, Tensilica, some proprietary stuff) on this SoC, so we require various toolchains and keeping all developer machines in sync was starting to become a headache.

  32. It's all fun and games until you have an FPGA dev on the team. I'm not even sure how FPGA tools can interact with an SCM system - I've just never seen it done.

  33. At least for Xilinx Vivado, you can use TCL scripting to automate almost everything that you normally do using the graphics tools. The various graphs and graphical configs etc. also have a textual representation (just make sure to have internal processes so that you never have to merge them). It's by no means easy, but you can automate that stuff fairly well actually.

  34. That makes a lot of sense. The guys I dealt with weren't all that up on SCM as a discipline.

  35. There was never any actual evidence that there was anything at all wrong with the accelerator getting stuck. Fascinating study of confirmation bias where people have the intended outcome in mind, then twist the facts to fit it

  36. Somebody need to tell The Barr Group then :) They did a study in the manner of "Unsafe at any speed" on this very set of incidents. There was no smoking gun but ECU developers had significant changes in process because of it.

  37. The Bare group references the 2009 Lexus incident which fits the bill of exactly what I was saying. The car was a loaner and he wasn't familiar with it. Add to that that Mr. Saylor was shorter than normal. He said the car started speeding up and the brakes weren't working. According to him he was pressing the brakes the whole time.

  38. Anything by Morricone but especially "Fistful of Dollars". Symphonies still perform them.

  39. They're all but sponsored by the big home improvement store chains. And they have a following.

  40. "No Time to Explain" and its corollary "You Have to Trust Me"

  41. The lead character is the most special, deserving person who deserves everything good, and anyone who stands in their way is inherently a villain

  42. I watched Kiki's Delivery Service with a grandkid and while the lead character is cast as deserving, they avoid this. It's a cute little show.

  43. It was crazy good, but frustrating in that it just ended without any plot resolution.

  44. I'm consistently ten years behind and have been watching a BUNCH of Zizek videos. He's managed to make "surplus enjoyment" a peer concept to "consumer surplus" with me ( consumer surplus is an econ thing and why we have to tolerate mass capitalism - it's the gain from an economic transistor ) .

  45. Just like the other person said: I have no idea how this relates to the topic at hand.

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