1. I’ve spent a decent amount of time here and have found reception of Beats and AirPods to be quite positive. Widely known audio engineer oratory1990 uses AirPods Max, and longtime community darling Tyll of InnerFidelity uses Beats. This is the only subreddit where people routinely note that, post Monster, Beats have been just fine— I have not seen anywhere else comment on when and why they stopped being extremely low quality.

  2. The Tyll betrayal was such a sick burn that shows taste and perception of value is subjective

  3. People still thought the mushroom cloud explosion was from the Freedom instead of Minerva's Tannhauser??

  4. Someone translated his name as "Arena Staff". When he is only playing Arena it seems legit to me. But he also had 230 Alatreon kills maybe just insanely good speedruner.

  5. Relatively low for a hardcore hunter, if I remembered correctly some people already reached the 100 Alatreon kills within the first few weeks from its release.

  6. Still worth farming for better plume and sand

  7. sry, the internet's giving me mixed responses so i just wanna make sure; it's ganyu, raiden, bennett, and xingqiu, right?

  8. National is just a name for Xiangling reverse vape team, with the core members: Bennett, Xingqiu, Xiangling.

  9. The "meh" non God pieces are on set 6 roller EM sands and Cryo goblet...

  10. Thanks for this amazing write-up. How is Freeze Ganyu with Kazuha instead of Venti? Is it considerably worse when replacing Venti with Kazuha

  11. Usable but worse grouping/damage. Kazuha dmg% buff is about equal to the cryo battery of Venti.

  12. OP’s not talking about armor protecting them from Beam Magnums, but rather if they could handle the recoil of the beam magnum without taking structural damage. When Riddhe fires it with the Delta Plus, it absolutely totals the arm of the unit, and that was a one-off Ace use machine.

  13. Straight from wiki, though this is late generation tech found in Destiny/SF/IJ, not sure about Legend.

  14. I’m sure the giant space station can utilize power phase shift to ward off the Lohengrin, but I’m not sure a mobile suit could(even the Freedom and co with their nuclear reactors for more power). The Beam Magnum isn’t as powerful as the Lohengrin most likely tho, probably a step below, in the tier with the beam cannon turrets we see on UC battleships or the Minerva.

  15. The nuclear generator for the Genesis is probably bigger than a ship. It can power Genesis defences while charging for a shot.

  16. also i'm slightly worried that even if the EM is enough, it'll go to "waste" because i'm not sure if i can consistently melt all my shots (skill issue)

  17. Good medium-high investment artifacts (sands/hat are great). Feather and cup could do better and are still somewhat worth farming.

  18. How does the Atrium compare to the VC?

  19. Prince is literally the most resource heavy adc in lck

  20. He can play weak side too, Croco did babysit Summit for quite a bit last year.

  21. Yeah he suck since he only got 3rd all pro LCK summer team with the rest of LSB and Chovy instead of Fate, surely Teddy and Deft were better. /s

  22. Your first Xiangling Q only vape once. Might as well run mono pyro

  23. Make environment hazard relevant or good riddance.

  24. Lv 100 Pikachu (full electric move) vs lv 10 Steelix, kinda.

  25. Downtown apartment lifestyle vs holiday winter cabin in the suburbs.

  26. Man, you guys who spend thousands on hifi gear to listen to video game and anime music.

  27. If you are talking mainstream, or average even, games have better recording/mastered music

  28. Not even. Some of the 3 stars have more interesting names. Ferrous Shadow sounds cool, and Debate Club is hilarious. This is just lazy, more like a 2 star imo.

  29. The poet named his own ult Kazuha slash

  30. Good for any high base atk bow with crit sub stats like Harp, Pulse and Polar Star since you would run EM sands.

  31. I also upgraded from HD600 to Aeon Open v1. The AFO was my hardest regret, I think.

  32. Deokdam and Kellin are 20 times better than Ghost and Beryl, this bot lane steam rolled every LCK bot lane in 2021 NS they literally solo carried this hopeless organization

  33. Ah yes, the hopeless 2021 NS which finished 3rd. Having the yet to be LPL dominant top laner Rich (was ok for weak side), current GenG shot caller Peanut (1st all pro jg and summer MVP), player of the split (most pog points) Gori.

  34. Sure dude, it's like calling a well balanced food flavour as bland because you didn't dump a truck worth of salt, butter and spice. Can't forget the bucket of Carolina Reapers to make your face red in the hopes of making you feel alive!

  35. I mean, it's goes into sale very often on steam, so you could wait. I'm not getting Sunbreak on launch day, but there is really no need to rush.

  36. I've been waiting to get into Rise by skipping straight for Sunbreak. Any reason why I should wait if base Rise took a few months to get discounted on Steam?

  37. I mean, how do you plan to "skip" to the expansion if you need to beat the base game to get to the expansion.

  38. They will bundle the game at some point for standard price. I'm not paying for half a game twice.

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