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This hits me right in the feels


  2. My advice would be to youtube your questions instead of asking the community

  3. Crossout is so dead man. Just make it cross platform and console keyboard and mouse accessible already

  4. All im gunna say is that not all vaccines are good for you and she is right to be wary of them because if you just blindy accept something then your a fucking idiot

  5. Why would a scripted fight help him to lose ring rust? Surely the sparring sessions are more use than that?

  6. Exactly my point bro, he could rid himself of ring rust by sparring with some actual fighters behind closed doors just like professionals actually do. But its all about hype and clout so how can i trust it

  7. Space zone you will get all the crystal you will ever need.

  8. Yh im sure you will mate but no one feels like sitting around all day waiting for it to be green drops. Dixkhead

  9. There’s an official Discord Server for “FOR HONOR”, best chance is just to join that, and yes there are designated console chats

  10. Literally dog shit remaster, playing it has completely ruined all the good memories i had on this game. Either you hip fire and let the game kinda aim for you. Or you “aim” which is irritating as fuck and your literally fighting the game to put the reticle where you actually want it. Almost impossible to do some of the challenges especially the stealth and shootout ones. I don’t understand why they’ve changed it whats wrong with adsing? Why does the reticle fight me? I just dont get it. Always had amazing memories of this game as a kid. Theres no way the aiming was like this. Been playing for like 4 hours now and i still cant adjust to this dodgy style

  11. Halo Wars 2 does and MNK support. IDK about Halo Wars 1 tho.

  12. Have you personally played on MnK on xbox?

  13. Playing HW with a controller works exceptionally well, as a PC player, I plug in my controller to play HW (and I've played SC for houndreds of hours). Give it a shot! But to answer the question: no idea

  14. Yh well not everyone is from fucking USA are we i live in the uk and rubbing alcohol isnt sold in most shops if any. So we need alternatives. If vinegar isnt safe fair enough but dont assume everyones able to get what you are you arrogant rat

  15. Is it yh? So anytime theres an issue rather than having a discussion i should just quite. Ehat a fucking wasteman you must be. 3-4 shots would be perfect you little rat

  16. You’re just garbage and complaining because you got owned lol adapt, it’s better now than ever

  17. I also said i can adapt your retarded little cunt

  18. Asif youve made a post cryinh about this. Get a grip 😂😂

  19. Basically one person says odds on you licking the floor( for example) and you would pick a number for example 12 you and the person would say a number at the same time and if the two numbers you said add up to 12( for this instance) you would have to lick the floor

  20. Thats a great explanation thanks man i can finally understand wtf is happening now 🤣🤣

  21. Maybe the single ones but its just pretty much tinder vids, no hate or nothing i love the boys but nah i wasn’t expecting anymore of these

  22. Ive never watched normal goggle box but i enjoyed this the harry ethan duo had me creasing it deffo is sidemen reacts but it was still a banger

  23. Ethans deffo my least favourite but i dont mind him fucken ksi over in the gift vid cos jj has done that loads so its calm. But yh ethan gets loud and starts crying in nearly every contest ego is a little fragile but ive seen worse

  24. No time to have bobs on server filling global with waffle and making pop go up attracting trolls

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