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  1. Side note, i wish avocado started going to the gym, and got a massive glowup. Would be the most epic thing on youtube.

  2. I make myself 2 “pizza slices” with Wasa Bread crisp n’ light or light rye crackers, a little marinara sauce, and string cheese. Put in toaster oven for like 12 minutes. About 7g carbs each piece, which I match with 1 unit each piece.

  3. Strawberries and cream. Or a tiny dollop of Greek yogurt.

  4. Some people might hate you for this. Not having a sense 'o humour is a serious issue a lot of people face

  5. what humour? why would i joke about something like that?

  6. No, like other people wouldn't understand you and would maybe try and get you banned or dox you

  7. It just feeels like i'm not watching jaiden. Sure, the model might be great, but it still doesn't feel like jaiden animations.

  8. Can you explain it, like i dont get the feeling you know, like whats the different, like just more over all

  9. Most of us are probably used to the classic 2d friendly looking jaiden character, not the vtuber model that looks like it runs a criminal organization. It does look good, just feels odd, you know

  10. Diffrent countries have diffrent ideologies, diffrent history and shit. And the timezones change, putting the spotlight on the other countries, where people are awake at the certain time. At one point, it might be shining on eastern / northern europe, but soon, it will be somewhere else.

  11. real each day i keep understanding school shooters more and more

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