1. Its a good deal if you are cool driving an Acura with the styling of a Hyundai thats called an Integra.

  2. That guy is a known paid shill. Twitter is full of them.

  3. Keep all communications in writing from here on out. Do not say "lawyer" until you really mean it as that will most likely end all communications. Do you just want your bills paid or do you want to out them and have them pay damages as well? As far as future damages or pain and suffering, they are not going to pay that without involving their insurance carrier. If you just want your medical bills paid, I would ask them one more time and then go lawyer if they say no. Also, keep in mind your health insurance carrier may go after them either way due to the circumstances.

  4. Wow. Not recruiting related but the day before we closed on a mortgage refi, our loan officer called my wife's job to verify employment. She answered and verified her own dates lol.

  5. My friend got free tickets from his Caesar’s status. It was neat and a cool view but I wouldn’t pay for that. The Strat was better.

  6. Get more quotes but I bet you could install for a few grand tops. I have a free form and I personally put a pool fence in a few years ago when my baby started walking. I got quotes from 3-5k and ended up doing it myself for 1200 plus 100ish bucks of concrete bags and hammer drill rental.

  7. HELOC is your best option if you have equity in your home. When I was looking for one last year, most would do up to 90% loan to value (i.e. total of 1st mortgage and HELOC no more than 90% of their appraisal). Shop around as your local bank or credit union may have promotions. We got a reduced interest rate for the first 12 months with ours. You don't need to go to the same company as your mortgage.

  8. Hmm I just got one and they would initially only do 20 percent of LTV. They would go higher for a higher rate but not 90.

  9. I included the 1st mortgage in the 90%. So if you have a house worth $100k with a $90k first mortgage, your going to have trouble finding a HELOC, if you have a $100k house with a $80k first mortgage, you can probably get a $10k HELOC.

  10. That’s expensive for Fremont honestly. I don’t remember it being that much. Ive been there a few times and wouldn’t go again. The last time I went there my friend (a firefighter) had a fire dept shirt on and one of the employees went on some rant about how he hates cops and firefighters. Very weird. Hope his shit never catches on fire.

  11. Take the promotion for resume glitter and look for new work. That company is garbage. They won’t pay you the listed salary because you already work there BUT they will pay it to a stranger? Come on. That’s an awful policy.

  12. Lol hurricane was my go to crying song before I discovered blurred around the edges by capstan

  13. Oh. I don’t consider it a sad song I just think it’s the ultimate comeback song from their hiatus. The chorus hits so hard. I remember the first time I heard it. Also it’s pretty dope that Dustin plays lead and Teppei plays rhythm. I think salt and shadow is way sadder but ymmv. My wife says Black Honey is better.

  14. Especially with a beard. Great idea and overall design but man that rubber is sticks and rips hair out

  15. I don’t have a beard I just don’t find the hard rubber teeth pleasant on my shoulder.

  16. Margins are thin on new cars. Finance then pay if off in a few months. If you want to be a dick you can pay it off immediately but the dealer will get charged back.

  17. Because if you pay off the loan before X number of months the dealer gets their finance money clawed back. That’s why they want 1k more if paying cash.

  18. Don’t apologize. Just tell him thank you and let him know he doesn’t HAVE to help you out. My leaves are out of control too. I have someone come 1-2 times a week to take care of it as I work 50 hours a week minimum.

  19. You are pretty much done with blue collar work. Did you have short or long term disability ins? Worth a shot but they may not pay if they find out you jumped. Call it an accident? Also try to apply for SS disability. Either way focus on going back to school or network and see what’s out there. One and a half years is not really enough experience to get into the office side like PM, estimating, scheduling etc unless you know someone or can suck a mean dick. I’m sorry man.

  20. Texas has some badass mexican food at alot of the gas stations. You may or may not need tums and/or immodium after tho.

  21. Did they specifically name you as killing grandma?

  22. Something along those lines metaphorically. I think. Jesus my guy it was 2 years ago.

  23. Lowball tf out of him then fix it you will make a killing it’s a 21. New bedside and some door repairs. looks like the cab corner doesn’t sectioning but I could be wrong.

  24. Either your coolant temp sensor went back or the thermostat got stuck open. Most likely the latter.

  25. I’m Texas if they refuse to settle, goto trial and sustain a losing judgment over your policy limits, they are generally required to pay in full.

  26. Bro ask yourself why a car with a nearly six figure MSRP is selling for half that? Not to mention the market is still not cooled off so that is inflated anyway.

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