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  1. Yea the traffic cops around here are infamous. Surprised the car wasn't ticketed yet.

  2. because if you look up the plate # you’ll see that the driver has nearly $2.5K in unpaid violations in nyc, which is part of the problem. we have unfit drivers on our roads and that’s where they stay.

  3. As a New Yorker who has neither seen a wild wolf, bear or bull moose can confirm that the moose are the scariest

  4. we’ve got plenty of bears though, including right outside the city (black, not grizzly)

  5. That’s terrifying wow. Also you cycle so fast!! Wow

  6. it’s 2x speed for brevity haha (@BarmanNYC took the video)

  7. Reddit is literally a whole website where people blow untold man-hours debating inane happenings which don't effect our lives one bit. This sub in particular is nothing but people like you and me setting aside time in our busy lives for this very reason.

  8. this is so painfully stupid idk where to jump in

  9. or I could stay because this is where I grew up and it’s where my work and family are? not seeing why it’s crazy to love new york and not want trucks and cars on our sidewalks

  10. save me the read. are we in a quantifiably more dangerous time for vehicular injury and death? and what is the exact stat

  11. Wow lol, I’d write your city. They can fill it with cement but not remove that rebar as it’s a serious trip hazard?

  12. good points - will do tomorrow. they owe us something fancy now, like a norwegian spruce

  13. Don't you dare try to use that bit of sidewalk!

  14. idk, am seriously considering buying astroturf - needs some faux guerrilla gardening to green it up

  15. I mean the driver is there and it's gonna take time and she needs to catch a flight. couldn't she call an Uber and leave? Do the police need to detain her(the passenger) as well?

  16. if you listen to it, that’s suggested and she immediately refuses

  17. I thought they were referring to the president of the university.

  18. that happened too - i’m talking about where the woman literally said those words

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