1. Hi lathy! Any suggestion for enchanters when enemy engaging support going missing but I don’t want to face check with no vision?

  2. Enemy sup is missing if u can freeze ur lame freeze and spam ping missing if it's slow pushing fast push but stay safe in lane aka far from u think the sup might be

  3. So do I need 1500 tokens more if I buy the pass and never play any games?

  4. If you buy just the pass you only get 200 tokens that come when you buy the pass.

  5. Thanks for the information! Hope I’ll have enough time to grind some games 😅

  6. I watch Khan Academy on YouTube for a quick glimpse of the basics

  7. Just want the team to show some spirit and determination

  8. Is the Russian exchange still closed? The MOEX website is down all the time

  9. This is due to new social distancing policies and requirements, summer holidays for students will start after Easter holiday.

  10. You are missing a crucial part: veggies. There's no veggies, no fiber, lack of certain vitamins as well.

  11. Thank you! I’m studying abroad and rent is very expensive so I’m on a budget. Will try to seek other proteins and add some fruits and salads

  12. I screen recorded the press conference and just watched that part again. It is now dedicated to international arrivals. But closed to the public, which is why it says closed on the website maybe?

  13. Oh thank you very much for this! This is gonna save a lot of time for me. I saw in other post they opened another site in hindmarsh, probably for public purposes

  14. I guess things are always changing so I could be wrong, but my understanding is the Hindmarsh location is now the one the public can use instead of the airport.

  15. Saving the post to see the answers🤗 am international students too

  16. Wow, thank you for all the great advice! Checking out all these right now!

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