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  1. I‘ll have my first flight in two days and wonder if there is wlan?

  2. No 5 is my fav & please don’t do this with your leg on pictures anymore. Try to find new more natural poses

  3. Such a great idea! I‘ll do the same when I‘m leaving Hamburg, thanks dir that!

  4. Backwards would be more realistic and smooth

  5. Wow, you are on fire! So stylish Brown sneaker would fit better

  6. I feel and love it. It’s simple painted but so powerful, this is very rare. Hope to see more!

  7. Turn it to the right and you‘ll see two faces! Or two hands, grabbing in your direction!

  8. Aww I love it, I‘m jealous, it fits perfect!

  9. Doesn’t belong here. Get adult & come again in a few years

  10. Love it! I think it would be amazing if more manic-tattoos were posted!

  11. This is sus af considering that dude looks like a 16yo autistic kid

  12. You can’t see if someone is autistic or not.

  13. Yep, this belongs here. Congrats, you were ugly indeed and now, look at you!

  14. This is what this sub should be about. Not a 16 year old showing themselves at 14 and they look the same, or an attractive 20-something showing themselves as a regular looking, pretty/handsome teenager. My man up here is gaining 5-6 points with late puberty.

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