1. You have no idea how much I look forward to videos of the shenanigans caused by 1000 cluster bombs going off at once, or 1000 nukes all at once.

  2. not really. It's well known that mustangs have a supernatural hunger for human flesh. That hunger is only amplified at cars and coffee meets when copious amounts of dude-bro energy is floating in the air, and the urge to create sick burn outs in front of the crowds when leaving becomes irresistible.

  3. If on pc, look in the savegame backup files and find the equipment youve lost and copy it into your new savegame files. Just remember to alter the id of it.

  4. It might just be easier to tally up the approx cost of the equipment then just add it to the farm.xml file (open with notepad)

  5. just keep your pickup truck with that one trailer full of seeds nearby. It runs out, dont take the tractor out of the field. Bring the seeds to the tractor.

  6. Honstely suprising it will even pull that, ik its FS, but still impressive for that side by side

  7. It worked fine on roads. As soon as I got off road with even the slightest incline things got sketch really fast.

  8. The fact that you're pulling a header with it, but earlier I tried to pull a small conveyor belt with the same vehicle and it didn't work has me extremely confused.

  9. It worked fine on roads. As soon as I got off road with even the slightest incline things got sketch really fast.

  10. no orange tip? That's one good way to get shot by the police.

  11. If she paints them after you deliver do you find a new sister?

  12. It is a site that steals mods from around the web. Don't expect anything good from it.

  13. that alcove seems like a giant waste of space. Put an outer wall there, and swap the window for a door and you have a decent little closet.

  14. Major biome changes to the spire coast and canyon swamp also will be changed as well. Radar towers are useful now and beacons are going bye bye. Also the map is getting reworked to be better

  15. I'm sure the marshal won't mind coming out again. Probably would be in a great mood as well, to see a place he just visited.

  16. I have some tung oil to apply tonight on a project. I WAS going to put the rags in an old coffee can with some water.

  17. I was going to suggest bundling them up tight then throwing them into a standard garbage and putting that garbage with the grass clippings you are storing in your garage.

  18. You sound like an entirely calm and rational person. I am absolutely sure that you haven't done anything wrong.

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