1. I also thought they were the same item in different packaging. I feel like that's an easy mistake for anyone not familiar with the products to have made.

  2. There are studies being done regarding the link between the two because obviously correlation is not causation, but it has definitely been noticed in the psychiatric community.

  3. My goal is different - I gave up on panning, so now my goals are to get outside my comfort zone and to get use out of everything I have - but that sounds similar to what I do:

  4. Idk why you haven't tried it, but it's one of my faves so I'm gonna suggest you use it soon!

  5. This sounds like what my plan has been. Honestly I don't see me panning most of my products for a LONG time because I own so much, so largely my goal this year is to just USE my shit. And I am sort of with you, setting a certain amount of times I want to use something then becomes like a chore and doing my makeup doesn't feel fun, and then what's the point?

  6. That's what I was thinking is that I would pick a more wearable and a more bold option for most categories. And obviously if I wore something that required me to use other things in my stash, I could. But I'm thinking this may be the ticket.

  7. I LOVE The Lifestyle co Mood perfume I just ordered another in the flash sale. It is pretty subtle I wish it was a bit stronger but it smells really lovely. Smells like sugar cane but then as it dries down has some saffron, amber and jasmine notes. It is really elegant and classy imho. Also Tainted Love and Not a perfume by Juliette has a gun are two longtime favs that they have on Ipsy from time to time.

  8. Mine is so strong I can smell it on my vanity through the glass bottle. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. Omg haha that’s weird maybe you have a better nose than I . When I wear it I feel like I can’t smell it as much as I can other perfumes, but then I’ll get a whiff every now and then. Could just be me not as sensitive to it for some reason.

  10. I wonder if it's just strong in the bottle because it's all there in the bottle? And it would be less so if I wore it? I haven't tried it yet. But it was the only thing I could smell when I opened the bag and it's definitely something i smell sitting on the vanity.

  11. I bought that a while back and I like it. It's super pigmented but I'm super fair - I'm used to using a really light hand and building up, or else it's a one way trip to Clownsville!

  12. The item beauty is a thick triangular shaped pencil. I love it because I have to do a lot to get eyebrows lol but if you like thin lines I don’t think you will like it

  13. It's looking similar to the benefit precisely my brow to me, and I liked that one enough (i used the thicker side for filling and the pointed side for strokes) it was just too expensive. So I'm gonna see how I feel about the brow chow. I already ordered one. 😂

  14. I use nail clips. Cotton ball soaked in non-acetone polish remover (i use cutex) clipped on the nail for about 5 minutes and it all slides right off.

  15. I wouldn't call it harsh. Maybe bold. Good for specific types of photoshoots and things. I also know she has high defined cheekbones and this could very much be a lighting + makeup not working well together issue versus an application thing.

  16. How tall are you? Do you know your TDEE? That's looking like a rather extreme calorie deficit to me, and with also working out, I would assume you're not quite eating enough.

  17. Yeah you’re pretty much bang on with my TDEE, will definitely be upping my carbs, I love the gym so will be adding those extra cals for it 💪 thanks for replying 😁

  18. You're absolutely welcome! I just got into the gym last week for the first time in years and I'm absolutely loving it, so I've got to adjust my calories too, just waiting on my appointment with my dietician at the beginning of the month. So, I wish you the best in your journey!

  19. My husband and I have been polyam from the start, we actually met when I was married to my ex. To begin with we had lots of NRE fueled sex. But slowly it became less often, mostly because his autism make sex a sensory experience that is overwhelming for him. Over time he has come to realize he's very disinterested in sex, probably lying somewhere in the asexual spectrum. He also thinks he leans more homosexual than he ever admitted to himself before, which increases the lack of sexual desire he has for me. That being said, we are still very much in love. He is my one of my best friends and we want to do all the life things together. We date and do the romantic things, our marriage is just asexual.

  20. I do personally feel more comfortable in softer looks during the day and darker more smoky and sultry looks at night. A dark look at 9am makes me feel overdressed and like I have too much makeup on, even if it matches my outfit.

  21. I’ve also noticed my spending habits skyrocket when depressed. It could also be that I’m not depressed anymore?

  22. Buying things creates gratification and thus dopamine release. Your brain, when depressed and lacking feel good chemicals, will look for ways to create those chemicals, and impulsive shopping is a great way to do it.

  23. I love this perfume. It lasts hours longer than some of my other ones. Initially I only smell vanilla, but throughout the wear i notice caramel and sandalwood. I think it's really perfect for the wintery weather we've been having in my neck of the woods.

  24. I sometimes use a blurring or pore filling primer on my nose and maybe on the apples of my cheeks, but that's only on occasion. As a general whole I see it as a step I don't need.

  25. Most Colourpop Super Shock Shadows Ciate London Eye Lustre in Cupid Any duochrome or multichrome Any of the shimmers from any of my Glamlite or Lime Crime palettes. They have super dimensional sparkles that are often multi-colored and I'm a big fan.

  26. When I wasn't really into makeup, I bought the original Too Faced Natural Eyes palette and I completely panned it, but it was the only palette I owned. Since I rarely wore makeup back then, it took like 4 years.

  27. Hypersexual is used to describe an obsession with sexual thoughts and activities that negatively impacts your life and results in impulse control issues.

  28. Thats ok. Maybe reconsider the word to describe this in future. Especially for other folks who don't self describe this way because it has a real meaning that may not apply to them

  29. Gently, this sounds like a very typical pattern for an abusive man.

  30. This is everything I wanted to say summed up. Brad sounds like my ex husband whom I am still in therapy over. OP this is really sound advice.

  31. I’m not necessarily sure that’s true at least about BPD - it is a diagnosis you can “lose” if you no longer fit the diagnostic criteria over time. You might need to do maintenance work and have relapses, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the same as not healing.

  32. Depends on the professional you're working with I guess. The last 5 people I've worked with in Kentucky follow an idea that you don't lose the diagnosis, instead they list you as in remission. Like cancer. A temporary recovery or diminishing of severity. But it's never gone. You can come out of remission any time.

  33. Yup I work with people with severe MH disorders and some might be in partial or full remission according to the diagnosis code we use for billing insurance for services, but not “cured.”

  34. Which is super helpful because if we were diagnosed as cured it would be so difficult to get insurance to cover treatment again when symptoms reoccur. It's also a way more fitting way to describe to friends and family what's going on with me/other folks with MH issues. Like I'm still living with BPD, it's just in remission.

  35. Maybe It's a Mood? At least most of the colors

  36. I was also going to say It's a Mood, however, it leans way more warm toned than OP's example. But it does cover a lot of these bases. I think it and Aurora Struck together probably cover everything.

  37. I guess that means once it's peeled off I can have the nice marble bag design I like instead.

  38. Everything looks super natural leaning and I was really hoping for more color and depth from Bailey Sarian.

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