1. The cover gives me: Howls bedroom. From Howls moving Castle.

  2. 5. Found 11. Everyone around me said it was due to my parents divorce.

  3. True But like, sleeping on da thighs under da booba?

  4. Head pats, and soft head scritches, while under the booba?

  5. ... if it's noteable. I'll write current days events and say "as for yesterday-" or "this past week-". Fill in the events.

  6. Actively collecting; 2017??? But before that I had a Pilot Meteo, the classic black... Since graduating highschool? So 2014?

  7. My parents got divorced when I was 1. I see how my birth-mom's life has turned out and I am 100% very glad they got divorced every day of my life.

  8. That's only in his 1st floor guest bathroom. It's at least 50,000+

  9. ... I heard writers blood is suitable?🤔 Could be mistaken. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

  10. Tired brain…: unreleased behind the scenes from the original run. Possible commentary from cast and crew. Waking brain: just bait. Somehow a third season of the trash reboot will be green lighted. One or two OG cast members paid big bucks for a return. Surprised brain: OG GG cast reunite to discuss favorite episodes and scenes. Excited brain: mini episodes were the OG cast take down the trash that was the reboot GG. Woken brain: probably merch.

  11. I'd love a movie!! Some event could bring them together for one last scheme - maybe chuck died in mysterious circumstances and they need to find out more (explains his absence potentially), plus we get to see/hear about what they're up to now!!

  12. Unfortunately it’s just an announcement that HBOMax is changing its name to Max. And that gossip girl can still be seen on their app. :/ Booo!

  13. State side, Colorado here. I use my Walgreens points for items. With each purchase I use the coupons that are 10-30% off your whole order. Or even $5-10 off for any item in store or online.

  14. Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not but the finale is already out

  15. ... might be the sadist in me. But I look forward to how well the cast performs!

  16. Same here! Little bit of dish soap and warm water, all set for a new ink!

  17. Honestly I don’t rlly care, unless they publish it or smth then I’m gonna kms

  18. As a kid? Jeepers Creepers. Especially the bus scene.

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