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  1. This is legal in some states unfortunately. It’s ridiculous and dangerous.

  2. No it isn't. It may be legal to thread cars, but it certainly isn't legal to ram your oversized cycle in to two cars in front of you.

  3. Paying tax isn't hard to understand. The government just needs to stop being so greedy and putting insane taxes on certian things.

  4. The desire to control the actions of others is never sated. And big chunks of the population love to do so, especially when it comes to pot. See also, tobacco, liquor, and sugary drinks.

  5. Gas platforms/rigs burn off 'excess' gas at certain times of the production process, this is referred to as 'flaring'. It is an enormously wasteful practice though, which only Norway has put a stop to. This look very much like flaring.

  6. They flare gases when it is not economical to capture them. So it's only "enormously wasteful" if you completely ignore the opportunity cost associated with the capturing infrastructure needed.

  7. Thats just picture selection bias. There are way more trees in the US now than there were 100 years ago.

  8. You will see nice cars in the hood all the time. A lot of dope dealers and also plenty people got good jobs / inheritance etc.

  9. Its not just the hood either. There are several trailer parks around my home town with Lexis, Mercedes, BMWs, expensive new pickups, etc. parked out front. Their car payment is probably thee or four times as big as their housing payment.

  10. They are!! … I’m a minority. I make sure I’m annoying!! 😝

  11. Well, you need to try harder because I hardly find you annoying at all.

  12. $156,000 for killing 124 trees? Doesn't seem like much.

  13. How can you possibly know if the amount is sufficient based on the scant details in this story? We have no idea the type, age, and condition of the trees in question.

  14. It's not just short of being a miracle, it's almost not happening at all. It's better than nothing but the fact that these might be recycled is nowhere near a good reason to start using plastic.

  15. It isn't better than nothing. Doing nothing would be better for the environment than recycling plastic.

  16. I'm mildly surprised they even prosecuted this case. This shouldn't even be a crime.

  17. But, but, something, something, “witch hunt”.

  18. Demanding and not asking? Not caring about what the other person wants and rioting when you don’t receive underwear you aren’t entitled to? That’s RAPE CULTURE MY GUY

  19. lol. Boy, you sure do read quite a bit into a two sentence post. RaPe cUltUrE!!!!! Clown world.

  20. Well I pretty much never "eat bacon" as like a dish. I use bacon instead of oil or butter in some dishes. There's no reason to feed bacon fat to the birds haha. And yeah bacon fat can be high enough salt and nitrates to be acutely toxic to birds, not just chronically like it is to us

  21. Is there any evidence that nitrates are bad for birds? Celery is jam packed with nitrates, and chickens eat that all the time without any noticeable problems. The evidence that nitrates are bad for humans is quite shaky. I've got to imagine that there aren't many good studies done on chickens.

  22. Funny how the oppressors, warmongers, and colonizers seem to keep their borders, privilege and wealth (USA, Russia, France, Spain, UK, etc) but the colonist nations get destroyed. Its not a "both sides" thing. Its powerful nations stealing, subjugating, and murdering the weaker ones.

  23. Stronger nations are more likely to keep their borders and wealth intact than weaker ones?!?! Shocker!

  24. Colonization has happened everywhere. Pretty much every "colonized" nation was, itself, a conquering nation at some point in time.

  25. And always perfect teeth once they grind all that away.....

  26. Um, no. The damage to the supporting gum tissue looks to be pretty extensive. He is probably going to lose those teeth anyway.

  27. Yeah, sure. Biden is so popular that he got more votes than amy previous candidate and then his party went on to loose fewer seats during the first midterm election than any other party in control of the white house has ever managed. I guess Obama was just holding the DNC back all these years.

  28. With the amount of accidents that happen at these air shows, at some point maybe we should consider if it's worth having them? Are they really fucking necessary?

  29. Is "necessary" the correct standard? Every public gathering has the possibility of accidents and death. Sporting events, carnivals, parades, etc. Should we stop all of them that aren't strictly necessary? A bunch of people died in Korea during an unnecessary Halloween celebration this year. Should we just go ahead and cancel all future Halloweens from now on?

  30. Everything is a risk/reward calculation. Just see very little tangible reward in exchange for extreme risk.

  31. And that is fine for you. But not everyone is going to agree with you on that, so "we" should refrain from imposing our views on those that don't agree.

  32. What the hell happened back in 94 and before? Streets aren’t even paved. Just curious. Also seen this posted before.

  33. Gotta be a lot of communism in western europe because God I went through worse looking shit.

  34. There are certainly shitty and run down parts in any country, but nothing really compares to the extent of the self-inflicted destruction one finds in former eastern block nations.

  35. Chickens are illegal where I live too, but a few weeks ago while out on a walk I happened to spy an errant chicken in someone’s backyard. I wasn’t snooping but the more I looked I could tell they did a great job of disguising the coop and general area around it. Really started to give me ideas on how to do my own setup but I’m scared to death I’ll screw something up and then have my animals taken away from me.

  36. I'm a chicken scofflaw. I keep 3 hens in my backyard, even though it is illegal in my city. My immediate neighbors are aware, but I bribe them to stay silent with free eggs.

  37. Especially if it is a Sperm whale. I mean, if you're a sperm whale and you lose your dick, then why even go on with life? It's kind of your whole identity.

  38. I know it's a pig but it looks like bbq Donner party style.

  39. OP can argue all day that its just a pig, but I know a human torso when I see one. OP's neighborhood is unusually devoid of homeless people.

  40. OP didn't give much detail, but based on the brief description of the title of this post it sounds like there really isn't anything to sue over. Workplace related injuries are almost always handled under the worker's comp system, rather than the tort system. Also, OP said they "asked" him/her to come in. If OP voluntarily went into work, then the fault is going to lie with him/her. (Now if the DSP demanded they come in, that's a different situation)

  41. Wow, Biden must be thrilled. He gets to trample on people's right to use drugs AND their gun rights with one action!

  42. Isn't another aspect of the problem the profit-seeking behavior of companies? If companies increase prices to increase profits, that would also cause inflation.

  43. "Inflation" and "price increases" are not synonyms. If prices are changing due to changes in demand or supply, those prices changes are not inflationary and are actually market signals to increase or decrease production. Price increases due to inflation happens when the money is losing its purchasing power.

  44. Why wouldn't they be considered inflationary? Computer parts are considered deflationary because it gets cheaper to produce them over time.

  45. Because a company increasing prices to increase profit is a market signal for more firms to enter the market to capture some of that increased profit margin and, subsequently, cause the price to go down again. That is fundamentally different than a business pushing up product prices because all of its input costs are going up. The former is how the market increases supply and is a healthy thing for the economy. The later is just a reaction to drop in the value of money.

  46. Good for them. I've been buying their products at the farmers market for years now, so it will be great to be able to pick up stuff when I need it during the week instead of having to wait until Saturday.

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