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  1. I was on the bandwagon of hurrdurr #notmyintegra but damn, these things are surprisingly growing on me day by day, won't trade in my Type R for it though lol!

  2. Not Brazilian but maybe Fire & Ice? That group has Jurgen Leyers and Laurent Véronnez.

  3. Need bones for the bones to peaches spell duh...

  4. just gonna drop this album dedicated to this one track lol

  5. just gonna drop this album dedicated to this one track lol

  6. This person has opened their 3rd eye.

  7. I love how it has the classic ABS light shining nice and bright!

  8. I see Enigma State, I upvote...

  9. I'm currently running KW V3 coilovers and they feel really good, haven't raced on them yet but I've already noticed some stuff i don't like about them. For one the height is non adjustable and the struts don't come with anything related to the tophats, and it uses oem every for the top hats so once the bushings and all that shit get discontinued they're good as junk. I'm looking into some eibach external reservoir coils for my next set of coils. Same cost roughly, but adjustability is there, top hats are there, and they're external reservoir so yeah. All pluses to me

  10. Just need to find a way to fix a telescope on it for the next few billion years and we'll have a time lapse of stars and planets forming.

  11. Give me a status report when you get it figured out lol!

  12. Damn, this post seems ironic in way, it's a good display of consumerism which vaporwave so often seems to mock.

  13. Was this at the Ridge? If so I was there in my black 21' CTR, hope to see you there next year!

  14. Using the word "seen" in that way is one of my biggest pet peeves. Just sayin...

  15. I second this. Both my cowl and the actual intake itself was leaking. I fixed it by resealing the cowl with new weatherstripping and body sealant from the inside of the vehicle on a seam between the intake and a piller portion and around the walls of the air intake as well. That stopped my leak 100 percent in that area. As for the rear though haha...

  16. I guess that is a kit, but from a quick google search it seems like you will have a hard time with a transmission and getting the hood to shut.

  17. Gotta chop that bitch, there is no other way lol

  18. No, there are other ways. Hasport makes mounts that tilt the engine a bit and let you close the hood over it.

  19. Hmm i've never seen that. That's pretty legit!

  20. Who knew that complying with the RFC will make it work as intended? /s

  21. Some nerd talk for anyone who might like talking about this stuff like I do:

  22. 32 mm bar is gonna feel like you're driving a tank lol! I currently run a 24mm asr rear suframe bar, their brace, rear LCA's on my DC4. I also run KWV3 coilovers, Shits tits! I don't know about you but i also have polyurethane bushings all around and that adds stiffness all across the board. I would look into that :)

  23. Had an ER3 lite fail on me not long ago kernel errors. Luckily I something to replace it, unlucky for me it was another ubiquiti product.

  24. Scooter is legendary, i fell in love with their Jumping all over the world album. Instant classic that reminds me of simpler times haha

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