1. Yessssss. I just had a huge anxiety spiral this week because our 2.5yo has been really angry and playing aggressively ever since his brother was born 4months ago. I am so concerned that his anger isn’t normal, even though the pediatrician assured me it is. Im starting counseling next week and I can’t wait…this feels crippling and I know this phase isn’t going to be over in a short time.

  2. I cannot tell you how badly I needed to hear this today. Our 2.5 yos behavior/anger/etc has ratcheted up to eleven since the birth of his brother and I have been feeling pretty hopeless. Thank you for coming here to say this! I need the reminder this is a season.

  3. We have a almost 3 year old and a 5 week old. The baby just naps in a common area where the rest of the family is hanging out. I see no reason for them to sleep in the same place they sleep at night when they are taking naps.

  4. This works for the first few weeks but when baby starts to wake up more (~3mos), in my experience they need a quiet dark space to nap. We are in the thick of this too…luckily my husband is on pat leave and can take the screaming yelling toddler downstairs but I’m worried about when he goes back to work so have been trying really hard to teach baby to fall asleep on his own so I can literally put him in the crib with a paci and then leave. It’s hit or miss most days.

  5. Oh we do and she still melts down 😵‍💫

  6. We just had a baby in March and it’s been extremely difficult too. Our first is 2.5 and baby is now 4 months and I think it’s a combo of 2 yo plus new baby that is the perfect combo for so many emotions and meltdowns. I’ve had the exact same thoughts, that I hate this season. Clinging to the fact that it will pass and I just need to stay consistent while trying to give 2yo a lot of individual time. You’re so not alone. (Also wtf with all these unhelpful shaming comments.)

  7. My first 2 were 16 months apart and now my 3rd arrived 10 weeks ago, 21 months after my 2nd. Lots and lots of baby wearing in those first few weeks.

  8. Seconding this- currently have a 2.5yo and 4month old and would wear the baby to do bedtime with the toddler on days my husband wasn’t available. Usually baby was quiet or asleep, but it’s getting trickier now that baby is bigger and goes down for bed at the same time as toddler. Still trying to figure it out too.

  9. Yuuuuuuuuup. This sucks so much more than I thought it would.

  10. I’ve called them before and I don’t believe they do overnights either, so not the right fit for me atm.

  11. They definitely do overnight boarding- have they changed to maybe a two night minimum? We’ve done one night before but a while ago. Also we love the open boarding concept as only one of our dogs is crate trained and they aren’t crated at our house.

  12. Dog Culture is great, we board our dogs there all the time. They have Sunday pickup from 2-4pm.

  13. Conestee Nature Preserve or Paris Mountain State Park are pretty if you want some shorter hikes right in the middle of Grenville. If it’s too hot, check out the Greenville Museum of Art- we have a good Wyeth collection. The farmers market is from 8-12 on Saturday morning downtown, and there are art galleries right along the river down there too (Riverplace area). Welcome!

  14. Now have a 2.75 and 6mo old. And all I can say is that each month things will get better and better significantly. Hang tight!

  15. I needed to hear this- in the throes of 2.5yo and 3mo old, and DANG this is hard.

  16. Today my2.5yo came over and pushed on my leg and said “hey, stop pushin!”

  17. Our 2.5yo loves the Crocodile Creek 24-36 piece puzzles! This one literally fell apart he did it so many times!

  18. Gah yes! This movie terrified me as a child for that reason, as did The Secret Garden (also toy burning because of contagion).

  19. No advice just solidarity- it’s like a physical struggle to get a diaper changed now. Sometimes a book will work but often not. It usually ends in timeout (or multiple) because he’s hit or pinched or bit me.

  20. My 2.5yo loves to play restaurant and calls himself “the restaurant lady” (?) and will yell from his toy grill: “Whatchu want on da menu??” and it just kills me 😂 Often I request very traditional things (spaghetti, grilled cheese) and it’s “No has dat. Whatchu want on da menu?” until I pick something he feels like “cooking”.

  21. No advice, just solidarity. I found that one week when our 2.5yo literally just whined constantly (not even words, just sound), he had popped a molar, which explains a lot. However he still is very reactive and screams and yells a LOT. Also doing the whole “use your words”, “what are you feeling?” and even time out when he gets downright ugly but it’s constant and exhausting. I so hope this phase is over soon.

  22. 7oz with breakfast and dinner- sometimes he doesn’t finish it, so anywhere from 10-14oz per day.

  23. 2.5yo still uses it because we have two barky dogs, his room is by the foyer/stairs and lots of noisy cars right by his window. We use it to sleep sometimes too so I have no issue with it.

  24. My daughter doesn’t like Bluey for some reason, but that’s okay. I just watch it without her, lol.

  25. We’re in the US so husband found a way to VPN to see the new season of Bluey and I kid you not one night we poured a glass of wine and watched 4-5 episodes of Bluey just the two of us.

  26. Honestly I love Sesame Street. We watch both the English version and the Arabic version with our son and ngl, it kinda slaps.

  27. The spoof skits kill me because they are 100% for the adults. My favorite show is 30 Rock so when they did a “30 rocks” skit with a lemon puppet counting boulders? Gah. Put it in my veins.

  28. We’ve had great experiences at both Sharkeys and Pigtails & Crewcuts

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