1. Honestly, I think they might extend the series. If they were to end with a Robstar book, that wouldn't really tie the series together. Plus, they would have left out Cyborg. It's also possible that they won't even have Robin Loves Starfire. Sometimes, in Gabriel Picolo's drawings of Robstar, he adds something regarding Babs, like in the photo where Robin and Star are watching a movie together, Robin gets a phone call from Barbara. Besides, adding a Robstar graphic novel would out Cyborg as the only one without a S. O.

  2. There are quiet reading rooms at some libraries; I'm not sure if they're necessarily for studying, but it's naturally silent there all the time and conducive.

  3. Today I logged in and they had sent back any missing items. Didn't hear if they refunded people that may have rebought items.

  4. Hi! For now, don't rebuy items you've lost. Many people seem to be having this issue right now and it's a known bug that's occurred from the past day. Everyone is effected in different ways but for now, hang tight!!

  5. Just stay calm and study hard. Everything has a way of working out. Psle isn’t the end of the world.

  6. I want to see the story completed- and not just a vague ending- I hope all our questions are answered and it’s wrapped up satisfyingly.

  7. That the differences between American words and British words aren’t that big of a deal. (Eg. pants / trousers) I’ve seen a lot of videos on this and it annoys me a lot. So what if different people from different places use different words? Can’t we just realise and respect that not every place has to be exactly like your home and move on?

  8. I don’t think he could get pregnant in the first place. Polyjuice potion gives you a different appearance, but your body would generally still stay the same.

  9. The Beast Boy Loves Raven series is sort of a fanfiction graphic novel by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo which was published by DC. It's really good and I think you could try it?

  10. "Beast Boy Loves Raven" include summaries of what happened in the first two books. I actually read "Beast Boy Loves Raven" before the other two and I understood pretty well so you should be good.

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