1. Is it really necessary to have those thumbnails where its just like the perskn in the video making a fake shocked or stressed face?? Why are they so popular? They make me less likely to watch a video because I find that the video is never as stressful or shocking as its made out to be by the thumbnail... why do people do this?

  2. That's a great collection I am jealous.

  3. Was this the one where they do a fun how they made the movie featuretteat the end, Plucky flushing a toy boat down the toilet shouting 'It's the end if the world!'

  4. I always thought it was because a cartoon with so many characters would be difficult and expensive to do. You've got to have at least 10 voice actors, one for each kid, plus write the show in such a way that all kids get screen time. Even in the comic a lot of the kids hardly ever talk and are just background characters. Those sort of background gags wouldn't work as well if animated.

  5. I don't know, shows like recess and hey arnold balance a lot of characters pretty great, you could just focus on Danny as the main character. A lot of them are pretty much accessory characters, Erbert never did anything ever, his biggest moment was thinking he was still playing soccer at the end of the big Beano allstars vs the bash street kids football match.

  6. Me and a friend of mine have been writing a Billy Whizz cartoon. And I'm doing another cartoon on my own centred around a Little Menaces Club that Bea and Ivy lead.

  7. They sound great, The billy the whiz one with his suoer powers would have a lot of potential

  8. I have been doing mine for 10 months so far. 18 videos amd 133 subscribers so far so not hectic. I have 2 videos woth 2000 views each so far and a few others over are near a 1000. I am nit doing viral ir trendkng content so I think thats not too bad. I think maybe next year i migjt do 1 or 2 of those tyoe.videos to try amd draw people in

  9. The 90s were so good, espicially 97/99 brilliant art work, lots if fun events like The great Beano mystery(bea) the 60th birtdsy edition, they also started doing more long form comic stories like the bash street kids vs the beano all stars in a soccer match or when they went on a tresure hunt in London. close second for me is the 80s

  10. Great video, I have heard of this movie but never seen it

  11. Thanks! It's absolutely worth a watch if you're a fan of 50s sci fi

  12. I use a "formula" and have it written down. This is the simple version.

  13. It's a good formula but only doing something if it is traffic heavy seems a bit,I don't know, empty I guess for growth puposes its the best strategy and you can always do interesting non mainstream journalism.once you build an audience

  14. I have 3 niches under my channel, Its a bit hard to keep traction but I do it for fub and I have a few regulars and 1 who even crosses over to thr other content. I say just do it and if one catches on a lot more than thr others you can focus on that

  15. No comparison, it is just leagues ahead. I loved the turtles game, Its a lot of fun but it feels very shallow compared to streets of rage 4. Mr X nightmare makes it a top 10 game ever for me. I will be replaying that for years but I dont see myself going back to the others as often

  16. Overall really good, I think you need to be careful with the sound. There is a few moments where the music overwhelms your voice over. At about 35 seconds is the worst part where that happens but its kind of a problem throughout. You have a good voice i emjoy your narration so it was annoying the music blared you out. I would cut the bg sound way down your voice is good enough to carry the video. The editing was good,minecraft is not my thing in the slightest but the facts were interesting

  17. I like it, someone said they are misalligned but i dont see that as a problem, it gives it some fun character

  18. A toss up betwern Shadowstone park and Starbarians

  19. Speedy Gonzalas, I don't know why, loved him as kid but avoid his shorts now

  20. One I like much more now is the wild silly daffy, i used to prefer the jones rabbit trilogy version but I have flipped preferences

  21. Who does your animation? It's awesome!

  22. Thank you, I do it myself, this one its a bit Lazy as I am away and didnt have my proper equipment

  23. Lois and Clark adventures for me, hard to forget your first

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