AITA For "stealing" my MIL's heirloom recipe and bringing it to a potluck

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  1. What a weirdo• just why? I like how he specified Ferrari sportscar drag race

  2. Well that gave me literally nothing I wanted while leaving me feeling emotionally used. To say this show is uneven doesn't even capture it. I adore the second season. I have mixed feelings about the first. I now despise the third but moreover it felt like a horror movie where everything was subtly shifted without this ever being acknowledged.

  3. You captured everything I felt so perfectly! I was sitting here watching it and shaking my head because it feels so totally removed from the previous seasons. Too many attempts at awkward humor, cancer then just drops pregnancy in randomly to up the stakes??, the obvious misdirects. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who was unsatisfied•

  4. But her friends couldn’t take her home? NTA

  5. spiritual attack• she’s dead serious, too, that’s crazy

  6. Senior year and still don’t know what tf I’m doing•

  7. YTA, but I’ve heard this same exact story before. .

  8. i'm pretty sure it's just the lighting. i thought like this before and a mua i followed showed the difference because someone made that same comment.

  9. This is why I’m iffy w/ my makeup now. I never know if it actually matches okay in natural lighting•

  10. I’m mortified just reading/seeing it• I can’t believe people.

  11. I literally paused the show and sat there like “is he really????”

  12. I like that spot, too. Elbow it is, thanks~

  13. Getting a flash tatt done later today and I’ve been debating on spots since I made the appointment•

  14. Because the picture is incredibly small and you use that to try and destroy their relationship so you can feel better simply because you are better than her boyfriend

  15. That’s a stretch but him calling the boyfriend a manipulator isn’t?

  16. I don’t think so. Plenty of other comments have shared the same sentiment of “He seems manipulative/He may be playing games.”

  17. That’s sad, RIP mama• Good luck w/ the babies!

  18. Hey, you can look them up through ratemyprofessor~

  19. Thank you! I did look over those sources and something’s telling me that’s it. I’m unsure how to go about it though.

  20. How much are you making in your other W-2 roles? I don't know your financial or personal situation, so it would be challenging for me to say if this position would be "worth it" for you.

  21. I make around 15,000 a year. My necessity bills come out to around $900 monthly.

  22. Do you not have a job description? Serious question.

  23. It doesn’t, just says they’re looking for someone to assist in personal and business related matters for the franchise owner/ operator.

  24. I’m going into my senior but that stir fry sounds 👌

  25. That’s funny, I really didn’t like the first episode. I thought it was bad, the 2nd was better. This 3rd episode didn’t do it for me either. Tbh, I didn’t like season one either so I guess it’s not surprising.

  26. Didn’t acknowledge not one thing you said.

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