1. In the on-hit build of Kraken - Ruined King - Rageblade, Lethal Tempo is great.

  2. I will try it, what about the crit one, Kraken, the atk speed item (idk the name but gives 20 AD) and IE?

  3. I prefer Hail of Blades because the crit build tends to stack attack damage and armor penetration over attack speed.

  4. Icathian Rain (Q) deals bonus damage to minions under 35% health but it doesn't scale with number of Plasma stacks or affect damage against champions. The only way to increase its damage to champions is by building ap/ad or better isolating Q so more rockets hit the intended target.

  5. ya im wrong mb, dunno why i think it feels like q does more damage with more plasma stacks, im pretty sure her autos do slightly more ap damage the more plasma the target has stacked?

  6. Yes! For the majority of the game it provides 1-2 additional magic damage per stack of Plasma when going the standard crit build.

  7. why not soft ban people who make posts like this so they can't make another one tomorrow?

  8. yeah temp ban for a hours / days / weeks / however long.

  9. it is well known that certain champs are better than others at low elo when playing a role as team dependent as adc

  10. I played Kai'sa and Sivir from Bronze to Diamond. Kai'sa has stronger 1v9 carry potential but it is way easier to 1v2 the lane as Sivir.

  11. Play random things until you're neurons start firing. Then do that thing over and over again.

  12. Idk, I'm currently sitting at a 66% win rate over last 50 games of triple evolve Kai'sa so I'm going to keep playing her.

  13. Dirk - Muramana - Berserkers - Nashors core. Everything else is situational.

  14. It's honestly just a playstyle preference. Do you prefer to kill champions with autos or abilities? Autos provide more consistent dps but are limited by her short 525 auto range. Abilities provide more burst damage but are contingent on her landing IsoQ, W and procing Caustic Wounds.

  15. That's great Mr Burger Joint, so how about getting me, a graveyard shift worker, a burger at 7am? One burger for my dinner, yes?

  16. A&W will make one for you a burger at 7am, no problem. I go to one near my work on the way home on a weekly basis. <3

  17. You could try lowering the dose of CPA from 12.5mg daily to 6.25. (Or 12.5mg every other day)

  18. The BotRK build is an on-hit variant. Kraken - Ruined King - Rageblade - Dominiks - Bloodthirster / Situational. Its currently her strongest two item spike but also costs the most gold.

  19. Thanks, I will prolly start to play with pta cause lot of people already said its really good keystone on her. I thought about pta-presence of mind-alacrity/bloodline (probably bloodline cause AS from ks botrk boots and guinsoo is enough?)-coup de grace/cut down

  20. Press the Attack - Presence of Mind - Alacrity - Coup De Grace

  21. Ah yes, when the enemy crashes, gets a rebound then freezes while the moron support is roaming to a scuttlefight that ended 40 seconds ago, the behind ADC is most certainly going to be able to CS.

  22. Okay, that is only one scenario and not even a very truthful one. When a team obtains a big enough lead, their minions get buffed and will always be pushing towards the losing teams nexus.

  23. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD): A mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.

  24. Thats great and in the process of dumping your feelings you have a constant need to harass someone who answered your question because you posted it on a public forum.

  25. Ideally you should play some flex games with the friends you are playing clash with to improve. If they are unavailable it doesnt really matter wether you are playing normals or ranked, unless playing ranked makes you focus more on the game as you take it more seriously

  26. Pretty much this. Solo queue is an okay warm up for mechanics and macro, but organized play is a completely different beast.

  27. Any standard lane. Caitlyn/Morgana, Vayne/Alistar, Kaisa/Pyke, Sivir/Senna, etc.

  28. Its why Riot changed the role name to Marksmen from ADC. Half the champions played bot now-a-days deal more or equal magic damage vs physical damage.

  29. lmfao. I didn't know I needed that skin in my life. Those rockets are pretty.

  30. Tier 2 Boots first back means you're trying to get into early fights where positioning is more important than raw damage output.

  31. Bye, won't miss you. Hope you had a good run and many happy experiences.

  32. Whatever champion the person paying for the boost tells them to play.

  33. Literally though. I'm so happy that building the same 6 items every game for an entire class of champions is no longer the norm.

  34. Kaisa and Sivir. They're both Muramana abusers.

  35. Everyone seems to be missing the fact that our favorite Void babe has entered a universe where she can be happy, accepted by her peers and be the hero in the spotlight she always deserved to be!

  36. Crit: Kraken - Berserkers - Phantom - Infinity - Dominiks - Bloodthirster

  37. There is a term for this, Chinese Dive. The act of slow pushing so 2-3 minion waves crash into tower. Followed up with a tower dive. It's okay if you die. The important part is making sure the enemy takes aggro of those 2-3 waves to ensure they die and are missing XP / Gold from the minion waves.

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