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  1. Has anyone used the fragrance? It’s my top choice based on the spoilers, maybe the glasses though.

  2. off topic but where do yall get the $25 credit?

  3. I don’t know if it’s still available but When you subscribe with code Beauty15 the gift was a $25 credit.

  4. A beautiful nerve plant that's for sure! Where did you buy this? I'm sorry I can't really help with how to take care of it I've never had one😭

  5. Hello 👋 i have 5 free glam bags, please dm if you true want one.

  6. I think that bella was meant to be with jacob considering that Edward was from another era and wasn’t supposed to be alive.

  7. Are you able to reactivate with the $10 promotion? I wasn’t sure if that was only for new members

  8. You being excited for the options does not take anything away from people not being excited. I personally loved the summer box choices and would have stayed if I could have found anything of personal value for cats3-6 anymore. But winter just did not hit for me. Enjoy your box.

  9. Yes, I haven't seen any either, I'd love to see them

  10. Me too I’m expecting them so i Can know if i will purchase of skip.

  11. REQUESTING I had a sample of bum bum cream and it was perfect, the smell everything and i want to buy a couple of the christmass set but they still are very expensive for me :(, Thank you!!

  12. Thank you, but i cancelled my subscription on summer so i can’t see Community posts.

  13. Hi everyone! I would love to have a coupon code :( if anyone has one please let me know 🙈🤗

  14. The bowls are ridiculous!!!!!!! Omg i hate them, they look so cheap!!

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