Ukraine stands with Israel, ambassador says

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  1. Surely the plight of Palestine is a lot more in line with that of Ukraine.

  2. The Palestinian are mostly migrant from Arab countries (mostly migrated between 1900s-1948) supported by a huge nation that openly aims to destroy Israel, and actively tried that in many cases. They claim that the land they are living on should be separated from israel and become an Arab country. They purposely target Israeli civilians, and hold an anti Israeli propaganda war.

  3. Does Israel have any reason to attack Syria?

  4. Alot of people say israel is doing warcrimes by flying planes trough syria and lebanon but we are still technically at war. Second reason is hezbolla and Iran. Iran uses syria to move weapon to hezbolla in lebanon. Israel wants to disturb the weapons going to hezbolla so they attack Iran convoys in syria.

  5. What you are writing is completely false. The international law allows invasion of other countries’ aerial space if those pose danger.

  6. They are not attacking Syria. They are attacking Iranian missiles shipments, which will be pointed to their civil population by Iranian militias.

  7. Definitely Edward Witten. Very likely smarter then Einstein. He is the guy behind a large portion of modern string theory.

  8. HARM has four modes of activation. Ukrainian pilots can use two of them (flies to pre loaded destination and attacks radars it finds there, or fires directly ahead and looks for radars in front of it).

  9. Interestingly, there are only handful of countries that have the technology to work HARM with the Ukrainian Soviet era planes. AFAIK, Israel and UK are the main ones.

  10. As an expat living in Singapore, I never encountered anything like that. In the few years I was here, I was never seated before locals of a similar party size that were waiting before me.

  11. They have been doing it for years. Amnesty is corrupted to the bone. Glad it finally comes out.

  12. There are several verifiable sources that have evidence of Israeli assassinations against Iranian political leaders. I am simply guiding the individual above me towards said sources.

  13. Yep, just like the other guy said. You either made this up or misinterpreted something which you once read and now cannot verify it because your claims are false.

  14. You can acknowledge both that the Israeli government is hostile to Iran and that Iran started it. It is not as though Israel is faultless in their relations with their neighbors. Not to "both sides" the situation but tmk both sides do actively exacerbate the situation (justly and unjustly)

  15. Saying Israel is hostile to Iran is mixing between the attacker and the victim. Israel governments have shown zero rhetorical aggression towards Iran, while Iran leaders threaten to erase Israel in a regular basis. Israel targets Iran’s army and weapon industry, while Iran and its proxies target Israeli civilians and Jews.

  16. Also, Russians are the biggest ethnic group in Israel and there are hundreds of thousands of them out of a population of 9 million. A lot of them still have families in Russia.

  17. These are not Russians . These are Jews from Russia. There ethnicity is Jewish, not Russian, and very few of them (mainly elders) support Russia.

  18. Umm, no it's because Israel and Russia are in business, and half the diaspora are russian.

  19. Russia has been openly supporting Israel’s enemies for the last decades. The Palestinian leaders of Gaza were visiting Moscow this week.

  20. I’m surprised nobody suggested that they build a giant trabouche and launch the T62s over the boarder.


  22. The sad part is that although clearly proven wrong, you will just ignore it and jump to the next lie. That’s what hate does to people.

  23. Btselem refuses to address any human rights violation, unless it is supposedly done by Israel. Read about basam id, the Palestinian human rights activist that was turned by them because he was reporting murders of Palestinian by Palestinian.

  24. The same Amnesty that claims the solution to the Middle East conflict is the destruction of Israel. The same amnesty that blames Ukraine for deaths of its civilians by Russian attacks.

  25. This is a classic “survivor׳s bias”: Does who think before they speak choose not to write whatever dumb stuff they were thinking of, while does who don’t think do write. This means the internet is strongly biased towards does who don’t think before speaking.

  26. They claim Jews are the descendants of apes and dogs, which are considered despicable in some parts of Islam. They are definitely anti Semitic as well.

  27. I went through your sources, they have nothing to do with Apartheid. Can you please show a single example where israel has a law which is different for Arabs and Jews?

  28. You forgot the part where that someone is trying to murder the guy that beats home up, and he actually gets beaten up as the other guy tries to protect himself

  29. Well then maybe don't include Syria in your original statement if you don't really know how it is there. And yes you were incorrect. Palestinians were never left stateless or lived in desolate basic camps in Syria.

  30. Palestinian are treated in Syria just as bad as in the rest of the Arab world and have zero rights:

  31. You are claiming that these reports are trust worthy. He shows that the people who wrote them are extremely biased and untrustworthy. That is a perfectly valid argument.

  32. I’m not going to comment on who’s right and wrong in the grand scheme of the Israel-Palestine conflict and who’s claim is more legitimate because the history is too complex

  33. “I’m not comment on whose right and wrong” following up with extreme propaganda by two of the most anti Israeli NGOs

  34. Dude, there are videos of israeli people beating up childrens, like, what the fuck do you mean with that?

  35. Oh yes, let’s throw random propaganda instead of answering the very simple question. That definitely proves you are motivated by logic and not pure hatred

  36. How exactly pin point targeting a terrorist shooting missiles at civilian regimes is not self defense?

  37. Yep, but by some weird coincidence, the people supporting the killings (and in my cases, those doing it) are Muslims.

  38. Haifa was a Palestinian city before Israel and so was Tel-Aviv-YAFFO.

  39. Tel Aviv was also never a Palestinian city. If any, Jaffa (part of Tel Aviv) was an ottoman city.

  40. Didn't the Arab nations not agree to the UN partition? So by definition, it would be occupied terrority for them?

  41. You don’t see why refusing to accept the existence of Israel, just because it’s a Jewish country , is Anti-Semitism?

  42. This isn't even close to the reality of the situation lmao. Israel is STILL expanding it's borders INTO Palestine. The country of Palestine shinks every year. Israel are the imperialist not the victims

  43. "It is bad that RuSSia is bombing us, but I support Israel bombing another country."

  44. Israel is not bombing another country. It is being bombed by Palestinian terrorists.

  45. Ukraine doesn’t recognize Crimea, Luhansk and Donbas as part of Russia the same way Arabs don’t recognize Israel you mean?

  46. The Arabs don’t recognize the existence of Israel just like Russia does not recognize the existence of Ukraine.

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