1. Yeah pretty sure anyone on the business end of that isn't going to worry about counting

  2. Just enslave the engineers and make them work under the wip knowing they'll have to fight to the death in the coliseum if the road turns bad and you get a similar result.

  3. Better to use slaves for labor but the engineering detachments from a legion when doing this work far better detail than at the frontier post not to mention how vital roads became for troop movement messages and trade and the prestige it gave to Rome they took a lot of pride in creating super structures like this

  4. Also remember that modern roads are (in part) made with most shitty or cheap materials because the government has to hire a company for that, and more often than not the people in charge of the company have some kind of connection or deal under the table to get those 6 figure contracts

  5. Very true and in truth the Roman's made far less roads per mile than modern infrastructure

  6. Stay away from the quail he the most gangster of the group thats why the fuck with him

  7. Couldn't tell you I haven't checked how well Beskar is trading the commodities market recently

  8. Yeah cause fucking white helmets screwed up and put the crew behind deadline so boys wanna get paid next installment have to do stupid hours just to catch up

  9. I mean I'm all for being accepting of people but thats gonna be my line in the sand right here

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