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  1. Ok I’m gonna say it, these comics suck, they are drawn like shit and are never funny. Come at me with your downvotes.

  2. the arm is overly ornate because it was from a skitari cosplay i started in late 2019. for some reason i dont want to do that costume any more so i thought i should repurpose it.

  3. Wow! Would love to see more of that skitari cosplay!

  4. i liked it. the bigger gun was going to have some simple light up parts, it was almost there. but id rather tear my flesh off than wear it again.

  5. people seem to think konrad did nothing to improve nostramo, he just did some public torture to scare everyone and called it a day. he was still a ruler right? was he as good as the likes of guilliman, probably no, but people talk like he did literally nothing

  6. konrad once again being top primarch? better believe it. curze sweep.

  7. strangely enough, there does seem to be a huge overlap for gay bottoms and warhammer 40k

  8. oh id say theres a huge overlap between people who are creepily obsessed with gay bottoms and 40k too.

  9. very very much so... it gets to me a little sometimes. peoples reactions to us range from lecturing me about all his wrongs as if i wasnt aware, to making unfair and wild psychological assessments of my mental state, to assuming its a sex thing and being horribly innapropriate in a way that somehow is worse than the other two..

  10. It's a pleasant surprise finding you amidst the Warhammer subreddits. Hope you're doing well.

  11. I've mainly seen your stuff in grimdank and 40k lore sometimes, and I liked it. That's it.

  12. Im surprised this wasn't posted by

  13. i love being repeatedly compared to people im nothing like, make my life harder and have even made it clear they want nothing to do with me...

  14. feel strangely proud of them whenever something like this comes up. see, my boys can get their shit together on occasion.

  15. what is the definition of tomboy anymore? vaguely short hair and not looking frail enough to fall over in the breeze?

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