1. Only one of them managed to kill a slayer and survive until the very end without being chipped and still being evil. She wasn't beaten by Buffy either and had to be dragged away. Dru is the obvious answer.

  2. Yeah, pretty solid argument you got there. I mean, you’re right. Dru always knew when to act, when to withdraw, when to set a trap, and when to fly under the radar.

  3. I would have voted for the mayor but his big plan was to transform into a giant snake. Where did he plan to go? What did he plan to do? How did he plan to enjoy life with no hands? As far as we know he didn't have a giant snake house prepared. How was he going to deal with his germ phobia in such a huge body with again no hands to clean himself with? For a guy who built Sunnydale for demons to feed on, his endgame plan was just plain not smart.

  4. Aha. You raise some pretty solid points. But I guess Big Snake was the dream, and who am I to tut-tut the man’s life goals?

  5. I think the idea of Sunday being a slayer-turned-vampire could’ve been really cool. Shame we didn’t get to see it

  6. Yeah it’s a great concept, the idea of the Slayer becoming the very thing they’re supposed to hunt.

  7. Out of this list I’m probably choosing Sunday could have been interesting if she was a past Slayer turned & utilized as a Big Bad.

  8. Yo, I’m kicking myself. I don’t know how I could’ve missed him. The actor knocked it out of the park.

  9. Xander was meant to represent an ordinary high school student. Nick Brendan was cautioned not to get too muscular by Whedon because he had to remain ordinary.

  10. Whoa. I had no idea about the twin. I knew he played the "well to do" Xander in the body-split episode, but I never knew he stood in for Nick for the pool scene. Good for the brother. Not gonna lie, I'm 96% sure that scene had me realise I wasn't quite as straight as I thought I was aha.

  11. the beljoxa’s eye says that buffy’s second resurrection, not her death, caused an imbalance in the slayer line. we know that there wasn’t a new slayer called after the gift, which means the line runs through faith at that point. i think what beljoxa’s she is saying is that since buffy was resurrected, the line runs through both of them now, causing it to be unstable.

  12. Genuinely curious; How do we know another slayer wasn't called after Buffy's second death? Was that stated in the show? I genuinely don't remember.

  13. i don’t think it makes any sense that the writers would want there to be a third slayer running around off screen and never being mentioned.

  14. Yeah, that’s fair, and I imagine you’re right. But was there anything in the show confirming this?

  15. Between Fraser and Ke Huy Quan, we're really living in the Year of the Big Comeback (and they've both absolutely earned it).

  16. As someone who has been regularly and successfully fasting his entire adult life, I wish we could all just give it a rest with the frankly insane conditions people claim will break a fast.

  17. That's because, though he loved Darla, he was never happy with her. The condition for the curse is "one moment of pure happiness".

  18. Yeah, Cersei in particular was like watching a completely different character in Season 8 (even Season 7, really). I mean, don't get me wrong, Lena Headey did the best she could with the script but there ain't an Oscar winner alive who could've made that plot line work.

  19. I love them all but 2 & 3 are the highlights for me. Irena in S2 was an excellent new dynamic, really shook shit up, and Melissa George as Lauren Reed was chilling in S3.

  20. My favourite bit of trivia from that season is how they wrote in that line about Lauren's upbringing and accent because, even though Melissa George is Australian, she didn't sound "Australian enough" by TV standards so they had to British up her character a bit.

  21. I've always found Dionysus to bring out our most primal, honest, and frenzied behaviour. It's (fittingly) a very intoxicating feeling.

  22. Isn't Joffrey a textbook sociopath? I don't know if there's much she or anybody could do about that.

  23. Joffrey is absolutely a textbook (even cliché) sociopath, and the show makes it pretty clear his behaviour is innate. (I only find it funny that people will still hold Cersei to account for that one, but never Jamie. It takes two to tango).

  24. Genuinely, Spike/Angel has some of the most intense heat in the show.

  25. "𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙢𝙚 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙣𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙗𝙚𝙚𝙣 𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙚... 𝙀𝙭𝙘𝙚𝙥𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙤𝙣𝙚..."

  26. I'm autistic, I enjoy that kind of attention, and I have a favorable view of her. I don't see why her autism is being brought up, although come to think of it, I imagine some people, perhaps without realizing it, dislike her for being autistic.

  27. It’s frequently brought up because many of her detractors don’t really understand what autism is and they think by referencing it, people will see her as mentally unstable or intellectually challenged.

  28. Renly was stupid.. dude really turned down a 3 way with her a loras. i feel like even straight as an arrow dudes would think before turning that one down lmao

  29. I mean, I'd definitely be down but I'm pretty sure Renly was a kinsey 7.

  30. The only tricky part with this list is that we’re not really judging them using the same criteria. For example, you can’t really compare a soulless Angel and Spike to a souled Giles or Riley.

  31. Hey, that's actually a totally fair point. I suppose with that in mind, I'd commit to Oz's cheating being his worst act as a character. I guess since Oz was never a villain, my brain was just biased toward letting him off easy aha

  32. Yeah, that's a fair call. Definitely agree that the wedding was a clusterfuck.

  33. Personally, I don’t think the gods fit into human notions of “good” or “evil” as these are largely societal constructs that vary from culture to culture, place to place, and time to time.

  34. Cersei perceived Margaery (and the rest of House Tyrell) not only as a threat to herself, but to her children. Undoubtedly, in Cersei's mind, she believed killing Margaery would protect Tommen in the long run (perhaps even subverting the prophecy). However, she underestimated how much Tommen loved her, so her attempt to protect herself and her only remaining child failed.

  35. In mixed company, you can always just say "the divine". It's both singular and plural, and is not specific to any one religion whilst being unlikely to raise any eyebrows.

  36. Completely agree. Her performance stood out amongst a film full of amazing performances.

  37. Actor is gender neutral, and was the word “actress” was derived from.

  38. Sorry for being pedantic or whatever but 'actor' was and is very much the male term for the occupation. Today, however, the term is often used neutrally despite being the masculine noun.

  39. Chapter XI is a whole damn time, but I loved it. I’m only a few chapters ahead myself but it’s definitely been easier on my brain aha

  40. If you’re purely looking at her through the context of the show (either because you haven’t read the book or you have and you’re just able to separate the two) Alicent hasn’t really been portrayed as a villain.

  41. And yet Jason still has a far more punchable face. Serious props to the actor.

  42. Look, it’s certainly possible that this was a suicide (though the positioning of the gun and complete absence of residue and/or blood splatter on her hands makes such a scenario a little dubious), however, even if it were a suicide, there’s still too much left unexplained around this death for us to simply label it “suicide” and move on.

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