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  1. it already leaked, i can't remember the name of it but it's a country-rock song with a white album cover. i think the title of it has something to do with horses

  2. What makes you think it’s ok to spoil it ? I’m not being over-the-top, literally everyone just wants it to be a surprise. It’s far more enjoyable to watch this show not knowing what to expect

  3. I’d like to remind everyone about the ‘daughter’ character. When everyone saw this IMDB listing, there were theories that this was Kim’s daughter and that she was going to be central to the plot. When Nippy aired, she had 2 seconds of screen time and we didn’t even see her face. She was a Cinnabon customer at the end of the episode.

  4. Most of me agrees, small part of me very much wants more of this universe

  5. I think the red represents blood, that Saul was built in blood. And if you look at the image, he appears to be debating whether to wear it or not.

  6. I wouldn’t agree that he’s debating whether to wear it. I actually think it’s supposed to be vague as to whether he’s putting it on or taking it off, as if it’s him embracing his Saul days or putting them to rest finally, and that a writer asked us to debate whether he’s taking it off or putting it on.


  8. the recast came as the dynamics between them changed - saul is now empowered to fight back and quit being the meek cinnabon manager. he literally managed to ingratiate himself with jeff's mother and get invited over for dinner. when you return home and all of a sudden a man who you know aided heisenberg himself is sitting at your dining room table and is chatting with your mother, you'd be pretty taken aback. safe to say that the original jeff ( don harvey ) would react the same way.

  9. I know that this is TV Passport and they’re a legit source, but I still think this has to be fake. There’s just no way the finale is titled that lmao

  10. yeah it's silly. but saul goodman is a play on words itself. silly, but fitting

  11. i felt it was because he expected her to go to the police

  12. Maybe it’s a date or month , as we only learnt it’s October 2010 on the this episode

  13. i find it somewhat off-putting tbh. yet i'm not gonna complain, it was simply unfortunate circumstances through no fault of the new actor or anyone else. the recast's impact is amplified by the fact that it came as the dynamics between gene and jeff changed. in the episode we see jeff lose the mysteriousness and upper hand he had against gene previously, and honestly a lot of the impact is lost in this scene due to it not being the same actor as before.

  14. what ? he was gagged , you couldn't even see his lips .

  15. Someone reviewed it using the what's he doing what's he up to line, lol

  16. is this just for 6x08 OP can you confirm ? i wanna check back after

  17. they've been said to have greater than just a one-time cameo. they have multiple scenes apparently - the meth duo may not even appear together

  18. i actually particularly liked this actor as he was able to portray a 'creepy' appearance. alas i hope we won't be letting this one minor hiccup take away from the gene/jeff story at all

  19. I’ve read many comments and watched the teaser a couple of times. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that they didn’t replace Jeff (Don Harvey). Mainly because it’s a daylight scene, and also since who isn’t going to want to reprise their character on this show ?

  20. Originally, the gunshot was supposed to hit one of the bandits in the ear

  21. What WAS that stuff you submerged yourself in, it couldn't be oil! That scene was so creepy!

  22. There’s a video online of it , I saw it on IG I think, but apparently it’s basically something food coloured

  23. I’ve racked my head countless times and I really can’t think of anyone.

  24. he looks like one those old black mesa scientists

  25. You can find out if you search online more info about the set he collapsed on.

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