1. Are these some of those typical 1980 concrete planters or did they set up flower pots

  2. Is this the old Herald newspaper offices in Arlington Heights?

  3. The Adolescents remain the only band to make a song decades before THPS with the chorus “Tony Hawk!”

  4. No respect for loser resellers who don’t know their craft and have to look up every single fucking item.

  5. I think it's awesome that the game has become so popular but I think it's wild that it has too.

  6. Talking about a game at school was so great back in the day. Your only source of info on a new game, outside of magazines, was your friends who had already played it.

  7. Saw 999 the November before COVID at a tiny club in Chicago. We were so close that we got spat on as they sang 🤣. Great show and cool dudes. One of those shows you leave with a huge dopamine rush. I tried to climb the side of a building to steal their sign on the way home.

  8. These taste like nothing. Used to be one of the best store-bought cookies around. Minimal chocolate flavor or texture and a dry ass crumbly cookie. Ripoff.

  9. “Lenny and Carl SUCK! Please don’t tell Lenny and Carl I said that…”

  10. Give the weed a break. As much as I loved smoking, it starts to catch up to you as a daily toker. I'm going to try different strains and smoking less.

  11. Classic move- “let’s put more words on the package so the idiot consumer won’t notice the change in size!”

  12. I really want to move. The SA by me plays a tape about how they are “your upscale resale store”. I look around and shake my head. I think they take some of the clearance stuff off the floor and put it back with a different tag. I can see not selling stuff for 69 cents, although if you are going to throw it out, that would be a way to clear it, but the 75 %off would be good. Especially when they are pricing stuff at such high prices.

  13. I always LOL when SA refers to themselves as “upscale.” You asshats staple tags onto clothes. 😂

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