1. When Edward bites Bella in Breaking Dawn, he licks the skin after he bites her, Jacob says he can see her skin closing up / healing when he does this. Presumably James did the same thing, so by the time they got to the hospital it would have looked like an old wound

  2. James didn't lick her skin. He didn't have time for that and it would make no sense. Edward licked her skin to close the wound and ensure that she's not losing any more blood, why would James want to close the wound? He didn't want to change her, he wanted to kill her, he bit to drink her blood

  3. Sorry you’re right! Not James then, but Edward would have done it after he bit her to pull the venom out

  4. In the past when I've used frog closures I've just hand stitched them ontop of the finished garment. As for finishing the fabric, it really depends what it is you are making,

  5. I'm the same! I definitely had romantic crushes on people I didn't know very well, but I don't feel attracted to someone unless I'm in a relationship with them / have that emotional connection. I consider myself demisexual but not demiromantic.

  6. In my case, we shared a lot of the same hobbies. He always wanted to do them together, which I didn't mind exactly, but it meant we rarely had time apart doing separate things. I'm quite introverted so I like having time to myself to spend on hobbies, but he would get upset that I didn't include him, knowing he would have wanted to join in.

  7. I dunno I mean I had a boss who let a girl take some time off becasue she said she had a really painful period. That period seemed to last 3 weeks multiple times. I think in the 3 months she was there she worked a total of two weeks maybe. I just saying I can see where he got that idea from.

  8. Some women have health problems that do cause issues like that, but in this case he thought they lasted a month because he knew periods were a monthly thing. He just assumed that meant they lasted a month rather than they were a monthly occurance

  9. I feel so sorry for you. I hope you now have a SO that isn't utterly fucking stupid and seemingly sociopathic.

  10. Sadly not, guess I have pretty bad taste haha

  11. It's my least favourite part of sewing by far! I live in a studio so I don't have space for a decent size table to use to cut anything out, I always do it on the floor but I find it so exhausting. The rotary cutter definitely does help, I'm thinking of getting a second cutting matt too so I can line them up and cut more out in one go but that's the only solution I've got. Saw someone else suggest knee pads, think I'm going to have to get some of those.

  12. I'm in the same situation and I finally said this isn't fair. You can't put that burden on someone else. You have to put the work in to get better mentally. You can't rely on someone else to do it for you. I'm trying to work on myself and taking the steps for me to get better. I can't do that for you. This is my boundary.

  13. Not suicidal but I dated a guy recently with an eating disorder, he'd just gotten out of the hospital for it. All of his friends left him because it was too difficult for them to deal with. It was especially difficult for me because he was finding it very difficult to adjust back to normal life, and I was the only one to help him through it. Couldn't go anywhere there might be other people around or he would be risking a panic attack.

  14. It's amazing! And all hand sewn, must have taken forever!

  15. Well see, its not exclusively on first dates for those types of people. It's just everybody in their lives.

  16. I dated a guy recently who had lost all his friends because of his mental illnesses, I felt really bad for him at the time. I ended it with him because I felt so drained from having to deal with his issues, I get why everyone else cut ties with him now.

  17. I'm so tempted to get these! I've been looking at them for a while, now there's the set that includes midnight sun too... but I already own all the books so I'm not sure if it's even worth it

  18. The shimmers are so pretty! Can't wait to get mine, ordered on launch but stuck in customs sadly

  19. Idk if I'm in the minority, but actual action figures all posed on a shelf looks way more cringey than pop figures. The pop figures kind of have a "yeah I like skyrim, but I'm not overly obsessed with it, it's just a fun hobby, this cute little dragonborn is minimalist and matches with my clean room"

  20. I also like that I can have a few pop figures of characters from different franchises around my flat. They show my different interests but also they all match.

  21. In the main timeline, Iron man and Captain America were meant to get the tesseract and return to their present. Loki interfered with this which he wasn't meant to, and this made him a variant. Then they went to take the tesseract from 1970, this isn't in the main timeline but because they were careful and didn't interfere with anything important, a new timeline wasn't formed from this event. Basically the main timeline was that they went back in time, didn't change anything, and then returned to the present (and then cap later returned the stone). The end event is still the same, so the main timeline remains in tact.

  22. Ok I get it but don’t understand how seeing a vision would change anything

  23. The problem is she intentionally left out of the article that Lucy did see what Allie promised + did not die, which means Lois biased the article against Allie.

  24. Mac, Tarte, i know MUFE was having troubles pre-pandemic, Beauty Blender, ABH, Smashbox, I think Sephora in general as a retailer 😬

  25. Mac still does very well internationally so I'd be surprised if they shut down, I could see them closing some stores in the US especially though

  26. The main thing that annoys me is the wasted potential. What was the point in combining the Earths? I thought we would see more small crossovers but that never happened. As far as I'm aware there wasn't even small references to them being in the same universe.

  27. I bought the lavender and 2 of the shimmers. I like it because it is like the unicorn skins but I personally hate chunky looks like those so I always skipped them. This gives me the look without the chunkiness.

  28. I do like the unicorn skins but I'm excited to have a similar effect with a nicer distribution. Reminds me of linear holo taco vs flakie. The linear stuff is just so smooth, I much prefer the look of it

  29. Sometimes things look so different in person. I didn't think that I'd love the metallic collection as much as I did, but now its probably my favorite collection. They are so much prettier in person. I'm bummed that its not been a popular finish as I doubt we'll get another collection like it anytime soon.

  30. Same! I only bought the metallics because I needed to reach free delivery on a different collection order. They're definitely one of my favourites, pictures don't do them justice at all

  31. I think we got that in Life and Death. Beau did have to make all those sacrifices.

  32. I really wish there was a sequel to life and death tbh I know we briefly got an ending of Beau dealing with that stuff but whenever I read it I am always left wondering what would happen next

  33. I feel like receiving gifts doesn't come up much in books, maybe as like one-off gestures but not as often as the other love languages. Probably because a lot of people seem to think it is shallow so maybe doesn't read as the most romantic thing a character could be doing.

  34. I don’t only see it as expensive gifts, I think even little things are part of the love language. I think it can be very connected to acts of service as well. I definitely agree it gets a bad rap!

  35. Yes they are! It’s my love language, I always get acts of service as a close second if I do the quiz so I definitely think they are connected

  36. I’m playing it now and the only thing that I REALLY don’t like is the flight. It’s repetitive and feels like it takes forever every time I have to do it

  37. I quite liked motion controls for swordfighting but for flying it was terrible! It was just very frustrating, I probably would have liked flying around more but I found it quite difficult to control

  38. It’s hard to control and it feels like flight is just slow? Like it takes forever to get from one place to another

  39. It would be less annoying if there was more in the sky to explore on the way to certain destinations. E.g. on botw initially it does take a while to reach destinations but the route is interesting enough that it isn't annoying. On SS it's just aimlessly flying towards something in the distance and it takes so long, very boring

  40. Seconded! I watched all of season 6 as it came out on

  41. On the US at least ( I know you aren’t in the US, I just don’t know 100% about the UK) you can watch it on Netflix, CW app, or

  42. Unfortunately in the UK we don't have supergirl on netflix, and the CW app and HBO max are not available here, not without a VPN anyway.

  43. Well she said in order to restock it the lab would have to pause production on newer formulas which would probably mean less stock and then people would be mad all over again.

  44. I mean like the last time they made a batch of it they should have announced it was being discontinued then rather than waiting til there wasn't that much left of it

  45. Maybe it would go better if they did a restock when something is going to get discontinued? Like announce the discontinuation the same day a new batch is ready to go. It might be a bad seller but this plus the influx of orders for the Zyler polish when Cristine mentioned it might get discontinued really shows that a lot of people get FOMO or want a spare bottle when they know it's going to be gone forever. I think it would still sell out but would hopefully remain in stock long enough that everyone who wanted to get it in time can

  46. Wait...THAT'S why people watch porn? I thought they just wanted to be aroused, I didn't think they'd be attracted to the performers! I...

  47. I remember having this conversation with my ex, I was so baffled by this concept! I thought everyone watched it just for arousal, I'm told it's more like they are imagining themselves as one of the performers?

  48. I do this! I have internal monologue thoughts so I'm basically talking to myself all the time anyway but I find that when I'm on my own I start saying it out loud without really thinking about it. Usually more as a whisper than full on talking though

  49. Yeahh I too find that I am talking to myself all the time, but I am usually a full on talker if I'm actually on my own in the room

  50. I think I am intentionally avoiding fully talking out loud on my own because we still have fairly thin walls so people in other rooms probably would hear it.

  51. Lacking sexual attraction doesn't have to mean you're objectifying someone for pleasure. There are more reasons you might want to have sex with someone than just being sexually attracted e.g. you are romantically attracted and want to feel closer with them, or just that it feels good to have sex. But even if you are having sex with someone just for pleasure, that isn't always a bad thing.

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