1. It sounds like tinnitus, and also sounds like you're habituated. For real don't give it a further thought and get off this forum, never come back.

  2. This JT is actually different than the re release, as you can see the vitola is different. It was a factory mistake and im extremely lucky to have it. Same with the Namakubi dark, a test blend tgat AJ made for Matt booth. They are both very delicious and in my opinion worthy of the price tag.

  3. For not adding some cigar content that we ask for.

  4. Mannn. Look at all tthe posts like my trip to italy or unpacking the humidor or thank god for florida orfuente Friday or 30tg birthday, and these are just all tge first ones i see rught now. I always include some information like at least the names of the cigars im posting but you always delete my posts

  5. We need more than naming the cigars. Tell us something about them. Tasting notes or otherwise. The bar is low my friend.

  6. I realize the bar is low, just seems im the only one it is being upheld against

  7. Nice. Did it pair well or was the Angel's Shate too light of a blend for that?

  8. TBH, this might be a less than popular opinion, but i think very few bourbons pair well cigars, at least for me. I enjoyed sipping it very slowly, which turned the volume down a bit on it, and still allowed to the fantastic sweetness to shine from the opus.

  9. We always ask for at least a bit of cigar content to go along with a picture post and all is well. Feel free to try it again and thank you.

  10. Same to you. Neat glass!

  11. Its from norlan, really great glass, extremely light.

  12. Unpopular opinion, but after zooming in it looks like there’s some mold spores on the paper. As much as I want you to smoke one I would be really cautious dude.

  13. Looks like a great smoke! What does 72% net you humidity wise?

  14. Always wondered about the Byrons, mostly because I collect porcelain cigar jars. Enjoy it?

  15. Its really an all around fantastic experience. And for aure has gorgeous jars for some of the vitolas.

  16. Cheers. I started selling off my smaller humidors years ago. Ive tended to keep larger capacity pieces, and those that are on the unique side. I just use Benson & Hedges 25” trunk humidors for box and longer term storage.

  17. Summers are very hot where im at, so very hard to keep a consistent <70 degrees in the house, but theres nothing lime the aesthetics and artisanship of a quality wood tabletop

  18. Very nice. Had one, but out grew it. Bumped up to an EB 500 stick, but also maintain other large humidors.

  19. I have a few EBs and other nice table tops, but the bulk i keep in wineadors.

  20. Good shit. I have a restock of Atabey and some Byron on the way. The Habaneros 2016 Vintage are gonna be hard to let rest.

  21. I have 3 left from a 2013 production. My absolute alltime favkrite and im very sad i will never smoke these again once im done with these

  22. It's the JC newman American Cigar. And its really good.

  23. What’s the adjustable rack called

  24. Ohhh you mean the small partitions? Ill look up my order sheet and let you know.

  25. This is a marvel wine fridge i converted to a humidor with a full spanish cedar build.

  26. either that's a pretty fat stogie or you have tiny hands.

  27. I didnt want to let it go... But there are a lot of phenomenal cigars under $40. I grabbed a box, but will probably not smoke it too often, maybe share with plasencia fan friends.

  28. From what I've been hearing, this Tiger is better than the Davidoff for the same price. Yeah, I rarely do $40 cigars but I will smoke them from time to time. Smoked a $25 today for no special occasion than the moment.

  29. The Davidoff one was really really good too, i really enjoyed the gimmiky tie dye design 😂. I think this is equally as great, with the added binus of it lasting twice as long and developing really mouthwatering savory flavors.

  30. Officially, "they" say if it goes away by itself in the first 3 months you might get rid of it for good. Ent and other audiologists will not help you much but i think its safe to assume we ALL went and did all we could before accepting it. Only thing that might have a real affect is hearing aids, if you are really really miserable you might like tontry them out and know that theres a way out if all else fails. For me just the knowledge of that made a big difference. But in reality even if its for good you will eventually habituate and forget about it(for the most part)

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